Illuminated ceilings are a pretty fabulous thing for your home, and they are the perfect addition if you are building a custom home or renovating one. This is perhaps one of the most important factors to take into consideration, especially when choosing the right lighting for your place. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best reasons to have illuminated ceilings.

1. Space saving


Contrary to chandeliers and suspended lights, the ceiling light has a real advantage in its installation: it does not take up any space. Indeed, it is directly fixed on the ceiling or even embedded in a ceiling spotlight. Generally, its maximum height rarely exceeds 40 cm for the largest models. The more traditional ceiling light is about twenty centimeters in height. There is no hanging wire; this indoor light is one with the ceiling.

Since the light is not suspended, it actually saves space: the ceiling light will not hinder your movements! It will remain wisely glued to the ceiling without the risk of bumping your head on it. This is a very good point for this type of interior light because, unlike a chandelier or a suspension, the ceiling light won’t risk falling and breaking because you accidentally bumped it.

2. Main Interior Lighting

The ceiling light is a powerful lighting fixture, which spreads its light evenly throughout the room. It has a powerful light source and spreads effectively due to its position in your interior. The fact that this fixture is located on your ceiling gives it a dominant position and allows it to disperse the light in an optimal way. The ceiling light IS a leading interior light. What does that mean? Well, it can be enough to illuminate your living room, dining room, and kitchen for the night.

It is the opposite of wall sconces; they can not be enough to light a large room. Moreover, a ceiling lamp is generally rather open; the light is dispersed at all angles. The suspension light, for example, often has a semi-open shade, which causes the interior light to spread its light only downward. The ceiling light does not have this constraint and can thus make your house or apartment radiate.

3. A design light


In addition to being an excellent lighting fixture, the ceiling lamp is also a real decorative asset. The ceiling light allows you to dress up your ceiling (which is, for the most part, empty of any interest). It will arouse the eye and the mystery. It will be the highlight of your ceiling. Decorative and impressive, the design ceiling light will enhance your interior decoration with chic and trendy.

4. An adaptable light fixture

The ceiling light is adaptable to ALL the rooms in your home, whether they are small, modest, or large. For a living room and dining room, choose a large ceiling light at least 90 cm in diameter or length. It will then be the main lighting of your room. But that’s not all! The ceiling light is also available for other parts of your home in terms of size and design.

There is even a bathroom ceiling light. This one is usually small, round and frosted glass. Be careful, before any purchase, check that your bathroom ceiling light is moisture resistant! Neglected rooms such as corridors, stairwells, entrances, etc., also need to be illuminated because they generally do not have windows open to the outside. It is therefore mandatory to light them subtly with suitable interior light.

And that’s why the ceiling light has an advantage. In those remote rooms where the passageway is rather narrow and the ceiling low, you will be very happy to have a ceiling light that does not take up space. Indeed, baroque chandeliers, wall lights, and hanging lamps are likely to get in the way! The aforementioned fixtures should be avoided for these rooms.

5. A large choice of ceiling lights


The ceiling light adapts to all the rooms but not only! It also adapts to all tastes and colors. There is a very large choice of ceiling lights in the lighting market. The online stores even offer several styles of ceiling lights. For lovers of luxury and chic, you can even find ceiling lights with a very elegant and chic design whose chrome metal constitution will leave you breathless.

The crystal ceiling light is a must for those who love everything that glitters. This type of ceiling light will become the centerpiece of your home. You will be admired and admired by your guests. But that’s not all; ceiling lights come in many styles. It is possible to find design ceiling lights.

The design ceiling light has a unique structure, made of metal curves (aluminum, chrome) or fabrics, glass, etc… intertwining randomly. This style of interior lighting will suit those who love contemporary art and futuristic interior design. For those who prefer the traditional side, there is the classic ceiling light style, vintage ceiling light, industrial ceiling light, retro ceiling light, and much more!

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