Among the many types of flooring available, why not choose carpeting? It offers a good level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Among other things, it limits the risk of falling and is comfortable and resistant. But how much can carpet installation cost?

The Price of Carpet Installation Per m²

The price of carpet installation per square meter depends on the technique used. For free installation, it is necessary to plan around 8 € per m², excluding supplies. This installation does not require any fixings or glue. Moreover, it is easy to implement.

In the case of a full gluing, plan on average 11 € per m². You will need resin or synthetic glue to fix the carpet. Tensioning is the most appropriate if you have chosen to install a high-end carpet. This is done on strips that are attached to the floor. This is a reasonably complex technique, which is why it is advisable to hire a professional. The installation by tension costs about 25 €/m².

The Price of the Carpet Itself

To know the price of carpet installation, it is essential to know the cost of the covering itself:

  • A wool carpet: between 15 and 200 €;
  • A synthetic carpet: between 8 and 50 €;
  • A coconut fiber carpet: between 3 and 30 €;
  • A sisal carpet: between 10 and 60 €;
  • A velvet carpet: between 8 and 30 €;
  • A carpet in sea rush: around 15 € per m².
  • These prices will likely change depending on the style: needle punched carpets, tufted or woven carpets.

Additional Costs for Carpet Installation

There are other costs involved in carpet installation. For example, there is the cost of leveling, which consists of making the floor clean, dry, and flat through using a smoothing compound and applying a waterproofing treatment. In some cases, dusting is essential to ensure proper carpet adhesion.

The addition of threshold bars is also an extra cost for carpet installation. It helps to divide rooms and ensure that doors close perfectly. Baseboard installation is also an additional cost when installing carpet.

If you are installing carpet in an occupied room, you must allow for the cost of moving and rearranging furniture. If the room is rectangular or square, you will need to make additional cuts to fit the carpet to the room configuration.

Now that you know what to expect in terms of carpet installation costs, all that remains is to choose the professional who will do the installation.