If you don’t renovate your facade for more than 10 years, you could be fined more than 3,750 euros in some cities. During this time, the walls of your buildings age, and the paint comes off, giving way to moss and various blackening. In order to give a new look to the front of your house, the restoration is necessary. Find out how to carry out a facade renovation at a reduced price. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things that you need to know about facade renovation.

Finance 50% of the work with the Anah grant


The National Agency for the Improvement of Housing can finance up to half of this home renovation project. It is intended for owners of 15-year-old houses. Certain conditions are also taken into account in order for you to be eligible for this grant.

Landlords can receive up to 25% of the amount of the renovation work. However, homeowners with modest incomes get financial assistance with no predefined ceiling. In addition, the departmental directorate of equipment also offers assistance to owners of housing built more than 20 years ago. It can finance part of the work.

Taking advantage of financial aid

The VAT usually applied in France is 20%. However, when you carry out renovation and maintenance work on your home, the VAT will be reduced to 10%. This reduction has a big impact on your bill. In addition, some local authorities provide grants for home renovation. In order to know the existing subsidies in your department or your commune, you must go to the offices of the ANIL. This national agency for information on housing will inform you if the local authorities can finance part of your facade renovation work.

Take the opportunity to insulate the walls

If the temperature in your house is not stable throughout the seasons and your heating costs you a lot of money, your house has an insulation problem. The facade renovation is a good opportunity to insulate your exterior wall. In addition to gaining comfort, you will reduce your energy costs and have access to other government subsidies.

Since 2020, all households wishing to carry out facade renovation and exterior insulation work can claim the Ma Prime Rénov’ aid. The amount of aid obtained depends on the tax income of your household. If you wish to carry out both works at the same time, you have the possibility of making a loan of up to 30 000 euros. The eco-PTZ is a bank loan with 0 interest rate.

Doing the work yourself


The price of the facade restoration depends on several factors. The type of restoration, the condition of the facade, the accessibility of the building, the choice of products, and the labor are all part of the expenses. So, some homeowners are taking the plunge to save on the latter. This option is ideal when the home’s front is not badly damaged or only needs minor renovation.

Experienced in the insulation field, a craftsman can also advise you on materials and products with a good quality-price ratio. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot claim any of the aforementioned aids without an RGE certified insulation technician. This is the condition for obtaining a tax credit.

As the guarantor of the quality of the work, he will be responsible for your home’s energy performance. So, restoring the facade yourself allows you to save money, but calling upon a facade restoration company is safer. You will save time and money while having a well-maintained front of the house.

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