8 Kitchen Makeover Tips

You had carefully thought out your kitchen layout and perhaps even entrusted its realization to a kitchen designer? It is ergonomic and well organized, but today it seems sadly outdated. Your budget does not necessarily allow you to undertake major work. Moreover, you don’t want to transform everything but give our kitchen a little facelift!

You have just bought a house with a well-designed kitchen in good condition but which does not correspond to your tastes? But you have put all your savings into the purchase of your property, and you don’t have much left over to make significant changes. 

Perhaps these situations are very similar to yours? We have found 8 tips that will allow you to give your kitchen a makeover at a low cost!

1. Repaint the furniture

This is the ABC of kitchen remodeling. Repainting furniture is within reach of anyone, thanks to the new products that have been put on the market in recent years.

Here are the steps to follow to renovate your kitchen furniture:

It is now unnecessary to sand them;

You need to dust and degrease them with a suitable detergent; 

Then, apply a resin and a varnish that will effectively protect the new coating against humidity and greasy projections.

Whether it is old-style kitchen furniture with molded doors or a stricter model, resins available in every conceivable color will allow you to choose a modern and trendy color.

2. Change the handles of the furniture

If you still like the style of your furniture but want to give it a new look, why not change the handles? It is effortless to get new ones and change them. It’s the easiest and most economical way to give your kitchen a facelift without spending much money.

Make sure that the new handles cover the holes left by the old ones, considering the center distance of the old handles. For example, you can choose a very contemporary stainless steel model that will immediately rejuvenate your kitchen.

3. Changing the worktop

8 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Today, tiled worktops are no longer in fashion. Moreover, with its joints subject to various bacterial attacks, this type of worktop leaves something to be desired in terms of hygiene. 

Several types of worktops exist today, so you can easily find your happiness: 


oiled wood;

in waxed concrete;


You will need to do a few things to install your new worktop. 

Start by removing the old one.

Apply a concrete-like coating to the tiles and joints in several layers.

Then install a protective coating using a suitable resin. 

Good to know: this will allow you to modernize your worktop without having to remove the sink and integrated appliances.

4. Create an island instead of a dining table

If you have enough space in your kitchen to install a dining table, you can consider replacing it with an island. It will be able to accommodate storage and will be topped with a worktop that matches the existing furniture.

A kitchen island has a double advantage.

It will represent an additional surface for cooking and storing all your accessories.

But it will also allow you to take your meals thanks to seats at the adapted height.

The island is very fashionable today. It is an aesthetic asset in a kitchen and will be very practical if you build it with large sliding drawers.

5. Changing the kitchen sink

This is one of the elements that become old as it is subjected to daily shocks. Thus, simply changing it will give your kitchen a new look.

Today, there are many types of sinks with a very contemporary style:

stainless steel honeycomb; 

with household products dispenser;

in stone;

in synthetic material;


They will be easier to maintain and age much better than your old sink with yellowed resin or tarnished stainless steel.

6. Changing the credenza

The credenza is the part between the worktop and the wall units. It often matches the worktop. It is usually tiled if the latter is also tiled. It is often old and full of joints that are difficult to clean. So why not change it? 

There are different techniques to do this.

The simplest is to cover it with a new credenza (metal, wood-colored laminate, or aluminum).

You can also cover it with a concrete coating protected by a resin.

Made of metal or glass, in neutral or colored tones, it is both a decorative and useful element since it protects the wall from dirt.

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Good to know: providing a hood behind the cooktop is a good idea, protecting this space from various projections. 

7. Changing or repainting the kitchen floor

In a kitchen, the floor is subject to heavy use. Tiles become dull and scratched, and the room quickly has a neglected appearance. How to change it without undertaking heavy work?

Several solutions are available.

The first solution is to paint it to change the color and unify its appearance. There are now resin-based products that you can apply with a simple roller designed to resist friction and humidity.

If your budget is slightly higher, you can cover it with a PVC coating (in slabs, strips, or rolls). Some current synthetic coverings are designed to avoid: “the memory of the joints”. A technical underlayment prevents the appearance of joints under the plastic covering. You should therefore ensure that the coating you buy is equipped with it.

8. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is also a great way to modernize a kitchen on the cheap.

Choose a wall or sliding cabinet door and paint it with chalkboard paint, available in many colors. Choose black for its contemporary and graphic look that will bring a modern touch to your kitchen. In addition, this type of paint is useful for writing down the shopping list and your favorite recipes with chalk and the children can express their creativity.

Good to know: you can write on a chalkboard with chalk but also with a chalk marker. The latter is a marker that allows you to write with a pen. The liquid chalk in this marker is water-based and can be wiped off with a damp sponge.

Hope you like the 8 tips to give your kitchen a makeover. Remember to leave your comments below.