Whether it is painting, cleaning, maintenance or facade renovation, all operations concerning facade renovation are always governed by law. In addition, there are local regulations and procedures that must be respected. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the most essential information on this subject in this article.

What does the law say about facade renovation?


Renovating a facade allows, first of all, to keep it in good condition. It also allows for having a well-insulated and healthy house. However, the renovation works are obligatorily framed by the law. This mainly concerns the materials used, the condition and the age of the house.

The respect for the law avoids penal and civil sanctions. In this article, we will review the regulations and obligations concerning facade renovation, depending on the type of cladding material as well as the work to be carried out, such as facade cleaning or restoration.

Legal obligations and legislation on the choice of material and facade cladding

Before starting the work, it is important to find out about the legislation and legal requirements regarding the material and facade cladding to be used. This will avoid having to completely reschedule the operation or repaint the facade again and again. In France, all municipalities have strict rules that all inhabitants must respect.

These rules mainly concern the exterior appearance of the building or house to be renovated. In other words, the property must be in perfect harmony with the other infrastructures of the commune and must also respect certain important rules and criteria. These include the colors of the façade cladding but also the materials to be used.

Legal obligations and legislation on facade restoration

The restoration is one of the essential operations to give a second youth to the facade and protect it from external aggressions (weather, pollution, etc.). This type of renovation includes several steps, such as the verification of the state of the wall, its restoration, the application of treatments, and the installation of the coating and/or the insulation.

The facade renovation, whatever its scope, is regulated by law. In addition, several factors must be taken into accounts, such as the color chosen, the materials used and the periodicity of the operation. As provided for in Article L132-1 of the Construction and Obligation Code: “The facades of buildings must be kept in a constant state of cleanliness. The necessary work must be carried out at least once every ten years, on the injunction that is made to the owner by the municipal authority “.

Legal obligations and legislation on facade cleaning


In addition to the restoration, the cleaning of the facade is also regulated by law. Indeed, it is important to know that the legislation distinguishes two types of work, among others the simple cleaning during the restoration and the maintenance of the facade. The maintenance must be carried out by the co-owners or the owner of the property. In addition, the realization of the work of cleaning of frontage must respect certain steps.

This consists of the use of scaffolding and filing a request for authorization of roadway to the town hall. It should be noted that this procedure can be carried out by the company in charge of the operation. That said, you can call upon an expert to carry out the renovation of your facade. The cleaning of a facade may be subject to local taxation. However, this depends on the rules applied by each commune. We advise you to go to the town hall to find out more about this.

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