There are many reasons you might want to remodel your home. Maybe you find that your house needs to be repaired, or you simply want to change the interior decoration.

Attic renovation

Attic space is the ideal solution if you want to gain extra space. Since you are going to renovate your house, why not create a new bedroom or add an extra room? Indeed, the attic can become an excellent place to live. Developing habitable and lost attic space is the best way to gain living space. Moreover, it allows for improving the thermal insulation of your house.

Before carrying out this development, be aware of the conditions to respect. Your attic must have a minimum height under the ceiling of 1m80. The framework must be very solid to be able to support all the loads. To fit out the attic, you will need a budget of 1000 to 1800 euros per square meter. And if you want to raise the roof, you need a budget of 1800 to 3000 euros.

Interior insulation

The insulation of the interior walls is an essential step in the renovation work. By insulating your walls, you can save up to 25%. In addition, this action allows you to have better thermal comfort. Good insulation of the walls will enable you to be protected from the noises coming from outside. In addition, it maintains the coolness in summer and keeps the heat in winter.

There are two techniques for insulating walls from the inside: metal frame insulation and bonded lining insulation. The first allows both thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls. The second combines two elements: an insulator and plasterboard.

The wall covering

When we talk about renovating a house, we first think about changing the color of the walls. There are several types of wall coverings:

– wall tiles: ideal especially for the kitchen and bathroom. Wall tiles are hygienic, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

– Wall plaster is perfect for lovers of traditional interiors.

– Wall plaster is the solution to decorate and personalize your walls. In addition, you can use it to fill holes or cracks.

– Wall paint can be applied to any room. It is the easiest solution for a wall covering. You can count on professional painters to do the coating of your walls.

– Wall fabric provides a warm atmosphere in your home. It insulates a room from cold and noise.

– Lacquer paint is a neat and shiny finish for your walls. It is perfect especially for the living room.

The floor covering

To decorate your home’s interior, you must consider covering the floor. The latter must be adapted to the aesthetics of the room and the room itself. There is a wide choice of flooring for your home:

– Tile is a sturdy flooring that is especially easy to maintain. It is perfect for rooms that are often wet, such as the kitchen and shower.

– Parquet is appreciated for its longevity. Indeed, it resists time and can be renovated several times.

– PVC flooring is very economical. It is easy to install and maintain. It is the ideal covering for the kitchen.

– Carpet is a warm and comfortable floor covering. It is insulating and absorbs noise. This one is mainly intended for the rooms.

You now know what work to do during a home renovation, and can now contact your worker.