The ten-year roofing warranty is an insurance that covers possible damage following the work of roofing and framing. Indeed, the roof is the element of the house that is the most exposed to the different climatic conditions. Thus, even a minor defect at this level would inevitably cause significant damage to the entire house. It is essential to take out this type of insurance to prevent this type of situation from occurring.

Who Is Covered by the Decennial Roofing Warranty?

In principle, all parties (clients and companies responsible for the work) are concerned by this insurance.

To the owners

The ten-year warranty is a guarantee of the quality of the work done. It allows an owner to be compensated in case of construction defects (waterproofing defects or leaks), leading to water infiltration or other types of damage. This guarantee is valid for 10 years from the date of delivery of the work.

To companies

Whether it is for a roofer, carpenter, or any other building and public works professional, the subscription to a decennial guarantee is compulsory according to article L.241-1 of the insurance code.

This insurance concerns both construction and renovation work. Also, to be effective, the subscription must be done before the beginning of the work.

What Damages Are Covered by the Ten-year Roofing Warranty?

Exposure to external elements such as bad weather and extreme weather events means the roof is subject to more or less significant damage. Roofing work is, therefore, of the utmost importance, hence the interest of this insurance.

Roof infiltrations

Rainwater infiltration in the house is a common situation with many causes:

Defects in the Installation of Certain Roofing Elements

These are often tile (terracotta) or slate roofs. A faulty arrangement can cause significant damage. In this case, the house is unlivable because the water infiltration is at the origin of the formation of molds, making the interior air unhealthy.

Waterproofing Defect

Especially in the case of flat roofs, waterproofing results from a poor choice of waterproofing material or a defect in the installation of the material.

Problems Related to the Framework

The frame supports the integrity of the roof and its components (insulation, waterproofing, etc.). However, it often collapses due to infestations of xylophagous insects.

What Damage Is Not Covered by the Ten-year Roofing Warranty?

In general, the ten-year warranty only covers damage that can compromise the house’s solidity or the occupants’ quality of life. Thus, damage due to lack of maintenance and aesthetic problems such as discoloration of the roof is not covered.

Why Call on a Specialized Company To Carry Out the Roofing Work?

It is essential to call on a specialized company to carry out the roofing work, even if you are perfectly capable of doing the work yourself.

Indeed, the ten-year warranty can only be issued to a professional company. Therefore, it is not valid for self-builders. However, without this guarantee, you cannot:

  • Finance the work because banks or other creditors often require a ten-year guarantee;
  • Resell the house at an attractive price, within ten years of the work.
  • Choose the best option to benefit from guarantees to carry out your roofing work.