After a certain period of time and due to wear and tear, many people proceed to the renovation of their building or house. However, renovation is not a simple task. It requires planning and respect for different steps. It is, therefore, necessary to clarify the proper process for a renovation project. Here is in this section, all the information related to the subject. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about renovation.

Renovation: what are the types of work?


Indeed, a renovation can be done for various elements. That said, it is necessary to ask what needs to be renovated. We distinguish several types of renovation, namely:

    • The small works to beautify a house
    • Renovation of a bathroom or kitchen
    • Complete renovation of the house
    • Renovation of the facade of a house
    • Energy renovation
    • Expansion work.

Planning the renovation project

It is important to identify the type of renovation you want to do. A painting renovation probably does not require the same elements as an energy renovation. This being the case, it becomes necessary to make a list of the different needs that will be felt during the renovation or renovations, if it is a general renovation. The planning also requires the consideration of several factors, namely

    • Temperature (sun and wind)
    • Water, electricity, and plumbing
    • The neighborhood
    • Slopes, hills, or unlevel ground
    • Existing features that need to be retained.

Find a team of professionals and take stock of the existing.

In fact, carrying out the renovation work requires the intervention of a team of professionals. You can consult the estimates and proceed to a choice according to the estimate, which is more convenient for you. Then it will be necessary to make a point of the existing. It will be necessary to make the list of the works to be carried out at the level of the residence, to make a point of the constraints related to the existing, and to carry out a technical and architectural recommendation of the envisaged works.

You have the possibility to add on the expected work. You can opt for the addition of different types of stairs. Then, it will be up to the company in charge of the work to define how to use the space and list everything necessary to get you the expected result. Hiring a project manager would be ideal.

Conducting the essential renovation work

First, it is necessary to obtain a building permit before carrying out any renovation work. For the process, it is required to provide a detailed plan of the work to be done on the home. The architect or the team in charge of the work usually takes the initiative to draw up the plans. However, it is advisable to do all the necessary research in order to avoid any mistakes that could stop your project.

Once the building permit is obtained, the work should be carried out according to the defined plan. Maintaining communication with your project manager or your architect will be necessary. The latter will give you the necessary details on the evolution and the result. You will be able to choose the furniture without any constraints. It goes without saying that the furniture must be adapted to your home.

Continuation of the renovation work


Talking about the continuation of the renovation work, it is obvious that the attention is focused on painting and decoration elements. It goes without saying that after the major work, it is necessary to carry out beautification work. Here you have the opportunity to do the decoration yourself. Ideally, the team in charge should complete all the work and even the decoration. This work consists in making your home comfortable and pleasant.

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