What could be more annoying than a slamming door? It not only disturbs your peace and quiet but also catches you off guard. All the time, this noise nuisance becomes unbearable. What is the reason for a slamming door? What can be done about it? You will find the answer to all these questions in this article. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about the door and the reasons why they¬†slam.

Door slamming, danger!


We don’t often think about it, yet we have all been confronted with a slamming door. The unbearable noise of these incessant slams is, above all, a noise nuisance, which can quickly become unbearable. Like the vast majority of users, you do not think of calling a locksmith to solve this uncomfortable situation. Your comfort is greatly altered on a daily basis.

However, a slamming door is a real “trauma” for your locks. Indeed, when your locksmith details the different locks that can be installed on any of your doors, you understand that they are real precision equipment. Slamming implies shocks but also vibrations, and the recurrent renewal of these shocks and vibrations can alter the precision of these locks and thus damage their proper functioning.

But doors, which slam, represent another danger more physical this one. A slamming door threatens the physical integrity of the occupants, especially the youngest. One slam and your child’s fingers can be trapped, which is a serious trauma. That’s why you need to be concerned about those slamming doors and do everything possible to remedy the situation. The locksmith will be able to help you combat these door slams and thus better preserve your various locking systems.

Why does a door slam?

A door slams when it can only be opened from the inside. The cause of this problem is easy to detect. Most of the time, a door slams because it is opened or closed with a lot of pressure. A misaligned door will swing like a seesaw. So a poorly configured opening could also lead to trouble: children’s hands or your dog’s tails could get stuck in the door.

Besides, you should know that a doorway becomes unstable when its hinge is worn or in poor condition. But that’s not all. Apart from forgetfulness and neglect, the strike plate can also be the cause of this problem. When it has sunken or needs to be replaced, the door slams.

To find out, check that the latch plate lines up with the hole in the strike plate. Often, it sinks in after the door has been painted or serviced. Some craftsmen also suggest that drafts and changes in air pressure have something to do with it. So before you get locked out, you need to take preventive measures and find solutions from a good carpenter.

How do you solve the problem of a slamming door?

It is important to note that a door that has slammed is not necessarily locked, but it has just been pushed. Some manipulations can help you to open it. Some mothers opt for anti-slip products, a door closing pad, a door curl, or an anti-pinch hinge to prevent the door from slamming.

As a basic tip, it is wise to leave the key in a safe place or make a duplicate key. If you lose or forget your key, you can always use it. The installation of a door stopper and a rubber plate skid can also help you overcome this problem. You can also use a radio sheet if you have an agile hand.

It is rigid and flexible so that it can easily slip by the bolt. In fact, it is necessary to slide it under the bolt and then make a sharp blow in its direction, i.e., upwards. This technique will help you unlock the door, and it will open easily if the lock is in good condition.

How to anticipate the problem of a slamming door?


Are you afraid of damaging your door? The best option is to anticipate this problem by installing a new door. For a door that has been worn down over time, even the intervention of a locksmith will not guarantee its longevity. So why not order quality millwork for a new installation or renovation?

All you need to do is call a qualified carpenter to remedy the problem. He will help you say goodbye to problems with squeaks, locks, hinges, etc. He will also help you choose a door that meets your needs and your budget. He will also ensure the installation of these high-quality woodworks. A certified carpenter is highly qualified to provide the proper installation of your doors, windows, and bay windows.

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