Painting tile roofs are quite rare. However, it allows them to reinforce their waterproofing and their aesthetic aspect. This practice is also an opportunity to inspect their general condition. In other words, it contributes to their protection and maintenance. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about painting your roof.

Preliminary work before painting the roof


Before painting your roof, it is necessary to clean it so that you do not have to repaint it completely. To do this, use a high-pressure jet to remove lichen and debris. It is promptly recommended to carry out an undergrowth control to avoid the development or the appearance of plants on your roof. Applying a waterproofing treatment to protect and maintain it is also essential.

Different types of roof paint

The paints dedicated to roofs come in 4 categories:

    • Acrylic paint: is highly prized for its good resistance to weather and temperature variations. It is also harmless, odorless, and less expensive. It is mostly used in roofing renovation projects.
    • Colorless varnish: It is used as a protective layer. Its main role is to limit water infiltration. It also gives a new and shiny aspect to your roof. Basically, a clear coat is used as a protective coating rather than roof paint. It provides a better seal for your roof. In addition, it does not change the natural color of your tiles and improves their water-repellent quality.
    • Solar reflective paint: It is less known. However, it is very waterproof and anti-mold. Its greatest asset is that it can reflect the heat of UV rays. In this case, it can reduce the temperature under your attic. In other words, it allows you to reinforce the thermal insulation of your house while maintaining a pleasant temperature inside.
    • Polyurethane resin: this is used for painting flat roofs. This paint contains toxic substances. Therefore, it is important to wear gloves and a protective mask when applying it.

Application of tile paint

It is highly recommended to paint your tile roof during periods without wind and without too much heat. To ensure that the paint will last over time:

    • Check the condition of your tiles and pay attention during your inspection: if they are broken, repair them and proceed with a partial or complete replacement.
    • Make sure your roof is clean and healthy. To do this, perform a high-pressure cleaning and apply an anti-foam treatment. Leave it on for 48 hours.

When everything is in order, proceed to the application of paint. You can choose between a spray gun and a long-haired roller. Using a spray gun is the easiest and most practical technique to achieve a uniform finish. The paint is usually applied in two successive layers.

Before the paint dries, sand your roof. The pause time between coats is about 24 hours. The application of roof paint requires technical knowledge. That is why you must call on the services of a roofer-painter to do the work safely and according to the rules of art.

Price of tile painting


As previously mentioned, roof painting includes cleaning and de-mossing as well as inspection of its general condition. For this, count between 65 and 115 dollars per m², including labor. The price of roof paint is usually between 15 dollars and 30 dollars per liter. It is possible that you do not have the right equipment (sandblaster, spray gun, etc.) for its application. Therefore, you can buy or rent it. In this case, you should expect a budget of 500 to 1,500 dollars.

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