In the past, building a swimming pool in your backyard was unthinkable if it was not spacious enough. However, in recent years, there have been many options for homeowners who want to embark on this project, even if they have little space at home. There are currently inflatable pools that, although more particularly intended for children, allow you to enjoy a swim at will during vacations. There is also the movable floor pool, which is becoming more and more common, especially in small properties. This innovative structure combines two functions: a terrace and a pool. How does it work? Are there any technical requirements to install one? But above all, how much does it cost? Discover in this article the answers to all these questions.

How Does a Movable Floor Pool Work?

Having a pool and a terrace of the same size will be impossible with a narrow garden like yours. However, it is not impossible. By opting for the movable floor pool, you can have a pool for swimming and a deck. How does it work? The movable floor pool is buried like the classic models, but unlike them, it is adjustable at will. It has a bottom structure that allows you to adjust your pool’s depth and cover it like a shelter. This saves you a lot of space and is very practical if you are not lucky enough to have a lot of outdoor space. The platform is made of stainless steel profiles, but it can be covered with another covering, depending on your choice (wood, pvc, tiled floor, etc.). To activate the system, you can do it manually with a button or remotely via your smartphone.

Is It Possible to Transform a Classic Pool Into a Movable Floor Pool?

As explained above, the movable floor pool is equipped with a steel tube platform and is covered with a finish. This structure allows you to adjust the depth of the pool. If you want a shallow pool for the little ones, you can raise the platform to the desired height. However, if you spend time on your terrace or entertain guests in the garden, you can activate it to cover the entire pool. The platform is equipped with hydraulic cylinders and cables that allow it to move up and down vertically. This is a significant disadvantage since the platform has to move in this direction, preventing you from choosing any other shape for the pool than a square or rectangle. This is because the bottom of the pool must be flat and the walls straight. It is also not possible to integrate a masonry staircase into it. Therefore, converting a classic pool into a movable floor model is impossible. Therefore, this system can only be considered during the pool construction. The project can also only be carried out by a specialist in pool installation.

How Much Does a Movable Floor Pool Cost?

The main disadvantage of a movable floor pool is its cost. Indeed, due to the specific equipment required to install this structure, the work also involves very complex technical requirements. Moreover, this project should only be entrusted to a professional with the necessary technical skills. The budget for installing a movable floor pool depends on the materials used and your chosen equipment. To get an accurate estimate, it is therefore essential to ask a pool specialist. However, you should know that for a pool of about 10 m², it is preferable to plan between 17 000 and 25 000 euros. For a pool of more than 25 m², it can reach up to 60 000 euros.