Flooring is one of the priorities when renovating your home. The choice of the latter depends not only on the room where it is installed, but also on the style of decoration and your desires. There is a wide variety of flooring, including tiles, parquet, PVC flooring, laminate flooring, natural fiber flooring, or carpeting. The choice of flooring must take into account several criteria.

Criteria for Choosing a Floor Covering

It is possible to install different types of flooring in the house’s rooms. However, some are more suitable than others. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, there are three possible criteria to consider.

The Resistance to Passage

In a house, specific rooms, notably the corridors, the living rooms, or the kitchens, require dense traffic. Therefore, the chosen flooring must be easy to maintain and resistant to friction and wear. On the other hand, the floor of the room requires less resistance because the passages are less frequent.

Stain resistance

Depending on the room, the risk of stains on the floor is more or less critical. Obviously, the kitchen is a sensitive room and entrance. It is, therefore, essential to protect the kitchen floor. In addition, their coating must be non-porous to avoid the absorption of grease and water stains and above all, easy to clean.

Resistance to Moisture

For all water rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms, etc., non-porous flooring should be chosen. This prevents damage due to contact with water.

Flooring According to the Room

Each room has different flooring needs. The choice will be based on ease of maintenance, decor and the risk of stains, wear heat and moisture.

Flooring for the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, you need a floor covering that is resistant to moisture and easy to maintain. You can install mosaic tiles or cement tiles for their resistance to moisture in your bathroom. PVC floors, like laminate, are also easy to maintain and have good moisture resistance. The other choice for the modern bathroom is solid wood flooring if it is exotic wood or treated against moisture.

Flooring for the Kitchen

For this part of the house, the ideal is to opt for tiles or cement tiles. They are very resistant to stains and humidity. In addition to being easy to maintain, PVC floors are resistant to stains and moisture. Laminate is also durable and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen. If it is sealed or varnished, you can opt for parquet flooring in your kitchen.

Flooring for the Living Room

In this part of the house, there are many flooring choices. In fact, all floor coverings are perfect for the living room.

Flooring for the Bedrooms

Carpeting is warm and comfortable and provides a pleasant atmosphere daily. Its ability to absorb sound makes it a good choice for children’s rooms. You can also opt for parquet and laminate floors for their comfort and elegance. Your tiler may also suggest PVC floors for your bedroom.

When choosing carpets, make sure they are dust mite and anti-allergenic before you buy them. When it comes to resistance, there are several levels, including impact, scratch, chemical, and puncture resistance. Also, consider an underlay if you want to reduce impact noise. This additional information will help you make the right flooring choice.