Is your home’s basement unfinished and only a few metal posts and a concrete floor? Do you feel that it is time to move on to its development, and you have a lot of ideas to design it? In addition to providing space for entertaining, think about the practicality and value-added that a finished basement can bring. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for renovating your basement.

1. Room layout


It’s important to plan your basement layout to fit your needs. Do you want to have an extra bathroom? A guest room that can be transformed into a room for your teenager when the time comes? A room for a home theater? Storage space? Some free software can help you in decision-making by creating a virtual basement and designing and decorating it in three dimensions.

If your hot water tank and air heating system are in the basement, consider hiding them behind folding doors. This way, you can create a “fake” closet and contribute a more aesthetic finish to your basement.

2. What floor covering should I choose for the basement?

Have you thought about installing a heated floor in the basement to maximize your comfort? You should know that the electric floor heating system has many advantages and will have maximum performance with a ceramic or stone covering. In fact, this type of covering will act as a thermal mass by redistributing the heat in the room.

Opt for click vinyl if your budget is more limited and you want a quick and efficient installation. It looks just like wood, ceramic, or concrete. Plus, it is available in a wide variety of colors and textures that will match your decor. See some of the decors that will guide you in choosing the one you like best. Click vinyl is also very resistant to scratches and water. In case of water damage, remove the planks, dry them, and put them back.

3. What to choose for the basement ceiling?


You should know that suspended ceilings are very popular in the basement. The main reason? Installing a suspended ceiling is quick and easy. Its practicality is highly appreciated because you will have easier access to the wiring that is in the ceiling and that supplies the basement with electricity. As for the look, several choices of very nice tiles for suspended ceilings are available and will give a result that meets your expectations.

The other option is to choose a gypsum ceiling. In this case, it is a more difficult task because at least 2 people must lift the gypsum sheets during the installation without forgetting that you will have to hide the screw heads, plaster the joints, sand the surface, and paint the whole.

4. Cladding on walls

In addition to drywall, have you considered a brick, ceramic, or wood wall to enhance the ambiance of your basement? In terms of color, we recommend painting the walls white or with light colors to optimize the light and make them look bigger. Walls with such coatings will brighten up your basement decor and add style. Of course, you could also dress your fireplace with natural stone, brick, ceramic tile, etc.

5. To counteract humidity in the basement


Basements often have a high level of humidity. In fact, humidity levels are often higher in basements because the concrete walls in the basement absorb moisture from the ground. Did you know that the relative humidity level contributes to the quality of the air in your home? Health Canada estimates that it should be higher than 30% in winter and not exceed 55% in summer. To measure humidity, you will need to purchase a hygrometer (available at hardware stores).

One way to reduce humidity in the basement is to install a gas fireplace. In fact, the heat released by the fireplace will help reduce humidity, especially since the gas fireplace has many advantages: it is easy to maintain, does not emit harmful particles into the air, and is equipped with a thermostat to better control the temperature.

If the relative humidity is 70% or more, you will need to use a dehumidifier to remedy this situation. In addition to lowering the humidity level, it will help reduce the presence of dust and mold. It should run for at least 20 minutes after a shower. Finally, if you add a bathroom to the basement, an air extractor will also play a role in controlling the humidity level.

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