A motorization system allows you to open a door using a remote control or other remote device to make your life easier. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about this article’s different types of interior door operators.

The interior swing door operator


A single or double leaf door that opens vertically usually has a motorization system in the form of an arm that reproduces the action of a manual opening. Depending on the model, the door can be motorized to open or close, while the closing is done by a spring.

Prerequisites for the installation of an interior door operator

Whether it is to adapt to the needs of a person with reduced mobility or to simplify your daily life, to enter or leave a room with arms full example, the advantages of installing an interior door operator are numerous. But several conditions must be met to add motorization to an existing interior door. The door must, of course, be in perfect condition, both in terms of its material and operation, and it must be properly balanced; otherwise, there is a risk of tiring the operator if its movement is impeded.

The motorization must also be perfectly adapted to the type of opening of the interior door (swinging or sliding: sliding in galandage, sliding in surface), to the direction of opening (pulling or passing for a swinging door, on the right or on the left for a sliding door), as well as to its dimensions and materials (wood, aluminum or glass for example).

The motorization for sliding interior doors

This type of operator slides on a track and is housed in the wall once the door is open. The sliding door operator works with a motor block that pulls a belt that is hidden. The opening is done on the left or right side, depending on the location of the door.

For surface-mounted motorization, the door slides on a rail to be placed directly against the wall. It is based on the same principle as the sliding door, with the only difference being that the motor unit, the belt, and the track are hidden behind a strip. For your information, some operators are only suitable for sliding doors, while others are only suitable for surface-mounted models.

The interior glass door operator

The operator operates in different modes:

    • Manual mode: the interior door is operated with the help of a control
    • Automatic mode: the operating time is programmed
    • Semi-automatic mode: you must gently push the door in the desired direction to activate the automatic opening and closing system.

Some points to know when installing a motorized interior door.

Whether it is for the needs of a person with reduced mobility or to simplify her life, the installation of a motorized interior door must be done according to certain criteria. This device must be adapted to the type of opening of the interior door (swinging, sliding, etc.). In addition, the motor must be in good condition to ensure its operation. In any case, the criteria for choosing an interior door motorization system are based on the operating mode and the corresponding motorization options. These include:

    • An obstacle detection system that stops the motor from starting in the event of an obstacle
    • A system for setting the opening and closing speeds of the door;
    • An electric lock
    • An interface that manages the housing functions.

Accessories for interior door motorization

    • The switch which is used to operate the opening and closing of the door
    • The infrared radar or the volumetric detector that triggers the opening of a door
    • The remote control operates the motorization remotely, and the receiver has a signal to command the opening and closing of the interior door
    • The timer module activates the automation of the closing and opening of the door.

Final thoughts


In short, a motorized interior door combines comfort and ease of use. It allows you to have more space in your home and gives the occupants various advantages. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about motorized doors.