Very often, our houses are equipped with shutters. These do not allow us to escape the cold morning and evening during winter. It is, therefore, appropriate to opt for something new that can offer you the necessary protection and absolute comfort. Electric roller shutters are becoming more and more popular these days.

However, it would help if you had an idea about their prices.

What Is the Normal Price for an Electric Roller Shutter?

Generally, electric roller shutters are available from 400€ to 1200€. Of course, the installation is included in the price.

Advantages of the Roller Shutter

The roller shutter has several advantages. It is ideal for :

  • A better comfort
  • A flawless security
  • A good insulation

In the past, roller shutters were intended for the upper class. However, they have become much more widespread today at a much lower price. It is important to remember that several criteria can determine the price of a roller shutter.

Variable price depending on the model chosen.

Electric roller shutters can vary according to their materials of manufacture. There are three types of roller shutters:

  • Wooden roller shutter
  • Aluminum roller shutter
  • PVC roller shutter

The Wooden Roller Shutter

The price of wooden shutters varies between 400€ and 1000€. They bring a beautiful look to a home, especially when they are designed with exotic voices. However, wooden shutters are less common. They require much more maintenance.

Without this, they would be unable to resist insects and mildew that could damage them.

The Aluminum Roller Shutter

The rolling shutter is more and more put forward today. Indeed, it has many advantages: fairly robust but light equipment, easy to maintain, insulating and durable material. Its price is generally between 200 and 850€ without the installation fee.

It is suitable for bay windows and large openings because of its rigidity. In addition, the wooden shutter has anti-tampering and anti-picketing capabilities.

The PVC Roller Shutter

The price of a PVC shutter is between 150 and 550€. This price is accessible to anyone who wants it. In addition to its price, it has the advantage of being easy to maintain and resistant over the long term.

The performance of the PVC shutter in terms of security and insulation is also excellent.

Establish Your Budget According to the Energy

It is essential to include electricity in your roller shutter installation project. With a roller shutter, you save more energy. The electricity bill is lower. It is therefore essential to make a forecast on the electricity costs that will be incurred after their installation in your home.

What Is the Price of an Electric Roller Shutter With Glass?

  • The glazing of your roller shutters is also an alternative. It is obvious that a roller shutter lined with glass will have a much higher cost than other types of roller shutters:
  • The price of a PVC shutter lined with glass is estimated between 200€ and 650€.
  • The wooden shutter varies between 300 and 900€.
  • The aluminum shutter with glass lining costs between 300€ and 800€.

Importance of the Roller Shutter for a House

It is essential to integrate the electric shutter into your real estate project. Indeed, it allows you to ensure optimal comfort in your home. Also, your security and your electricity consumption are more or less reduced.

Better still, your home is better equipped against various burglary attempts.