The roof of your veranda can be made of polycarbonate or an insulating panel. Whichever material you choose, you will have no regrets. However, before making your choice, you must know the specificities and advantages of each of these materials. In this regard, discover the details below.

Polycarbonate and its advantages

Made from a thermoplastic polymer, the polycarbonate panel is a translucent material. It is available in various thicknesses and sizes. Because of these properties, polycarbonate is often used in porch covering projects.

With polycarbonate, your veranda has an extraordinary light transmission. It transmits more light than other materials used for veranda roof construction. Polycarbonate sheets are very flexible materials. So, when building your conservatory roof, you can easily shape them into various forms. It is also an opportunity to make creative designs and customize your construction.

Compared to some conservatory roofing materials, polycarbonate is very resistant to impact. Because of this strength, you can easily transport and install the sheets. Also, they are less likely to break in areas subject to frost, heavy icefall, golf balls, etc. In addition to their strength, polycarbonate panels have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Here are some of the different types of polycarbonate sheets you can choose for your porch roofing

polycarbonate honeycomb;
compact polycarbonate
interlocking polycarbonate
ribbed polycarbonate;
Corrugated polycarbonate.

The installation cost of these types of polycarbonate panels is quite advantageous and not expensive at all.

The Insulating Panel and Its Advantages

The insulating panel is also a material generally used to construct veranda roofs. It is much appreciated because of its multiple properties. It has very good effects, whether with a velvet trend or many others. The insulating panel is actually a one-piece composite that allows you to cover and insulate the roof of your house.

Generally used for veranda roofing, this building material comprises a few layers, among which there are two layers of facing and one layer of insulation. This material is nothing but an all-in-one system. Its installation is speedy and easy. Because of its strength, it is very impact resistant and does not require much maintenance. With the insulating panel, discover an excellent performance in terms of insulation thanks to the vast possibilities of style and finish that it offers you.

The insulation panel will always blend in with your decor, whether it’s with mineral paint or another style. Find on the market insulating panels of type:

mineral wool ;
polyurethane PUR ;
PIR polysocyanurate, etc.
Make your choice according to your needs and taste.

Installation of a Polycarbonate or Insulating Panel Veranda Roof

To build a polycarbonate or insulated panel veranda roof, you must first obtain a permit from your local city hall. This must be done before you start the work. Then, choose models whose dimensions respect those of your roof. Also, choose a wallpaper whose colors can blend well with that of your insulation panel. However, you must call on a professional in the field so that the work is well done and without an accident to last in time.