Woodwork is a fundamental part of any interior design project. Moreover, no one is unaware of its role in the chic of a house. But what do you need to know about joinery? Which type to choose? What materials to consider? If you want to know more about its importance in interior design, read this.

What Do You Need to Know About Carpentry?

First, it is essential to distinguish carpentry from cabinetry. Both fields of activity are concerned with woodworking. Indeed, the first craftsman, applies himself to realize the components of the construction of a whole building. The second craftsman, the cabinetmaker, specializes in creating and restoring furniture for your home.

It should be noted that carpentry is the set of objects and furniture installed in the house for its development and decoration. That said, there are two categories of carpentry that have only positive effects on the decoration of your building. These are the exterior joinery and interior joinery.

Indeed, the exterior joinery is related to your home’s thermal and phonic insulation. In the same way, they intervene in the safety of the inhabitants. Therefore, it concerns the closing and opening of the interior of the house’s rooms.

Interior joinery is a category of joinery essential in all rooms of your home. For good quality of these works which must be used to make your interior pleasant, it is necessary to choose a competent carpenter. He can be supervised for interior decoration by an expert in decoration.

Categories of Carpentry That Exist

There are several types of carpentry. By way of reciprocity, several styles of carpentry practice therefore exist. Thus, you can opt for traditional joinery, aluminum, PVC, or choose combinatory or mixed joinery. Whether it is one type or the other, remember your objective, that of embellishing your habitat. So, you need to know which style to consider.

Traditional joinery

It is based on the primary material, which is wood. It gives the inhabitants of the building optimal thermal performance. Even better, its visual appearance is very aesthetic. It differs from the other types because its style stands out in any home. Many individuals use it for their homes. It is a very attractive style to the sight.

Aluminum Carpentry

It is just like wood, easy to maintain, and aesthetic. Since it is processed at the factory, it is very malleable and allows you to precisely obtain the shape or aspect you want for your windows, shutters, etc.

PVC carpentry

Less aesthetic than wood and metal, it is cheap. It is a resistant, rigid, unalterable material. Its resistance to climatic phenomena is suitable if you are close to the sea.

Mixed woodwork

Mixed joinery can also be called combinatorial joinery. For a good design of your home, you can opt for a combination of different types of joinery. It all depends on your interior design goals.

What Are the Aspects of Carpentry in Interior Decoration?

The interior decoration of your house by interior carpentry uses variations. Mainly, you have interior doors, closets, dressings, and stairs.

Indeed, several types of wood are helpful for interior carpentry. Thus, for good fluidity and good use of space, its different variations must allow good circulation and an exchange between the rooms of your home.