Whether it is partial or complete, renovation remains a guarantee of safety for the occupants of a house. This practice also makes it possible to adapt the building to the tastes and desires of each person. Moreover, the work can last several months and generate a rather significant investment. In this case, it deserves to be well thought out.

Precautions to take before renovation work


Depending on the nature of your project, it is essential to obtain a building permit. Contact the competent authorities to comply with the law and consult the local urban plan or PLU. You should also consult an architect. In order to determine the feasibility of your project, try to establish lead and asbestos diagnostics.

For this, contact a real estate renovation company. They are well-placed to carry out a thorough study of your project. They will also check the general state of your foundations and roof, the aspect of your walls, floor, ceilings, etc.

The 3 main elements of renovating

For an optimal result, “repair, preparation and decoration” are inseparable steps. Interior renovation allows you to optimize your thermal comfort. This approach is often established on these 3 elements:



Before determining the work to be done, identify the problems: the wear and tear of your wall covering, the presence of holes, cracks and moisture stains, etc. In order to restore your wall to a healthy and clean condition, proceed with the following:

    • Cleaning the wall. To eliminate all irregularities and make it smooth, sand it. This will also allow it to receive its new covering and an easy installation.
    • Fill the holes with plaster;
    • Digging cracks to get a healthy surface;
    • To the anti-dampness treatment.

Concerning the average price of the renovation of your wall, count between 25 and 50 dollars the m²: Also, think of installing an air conditioning system to improve and reinforce the insulation of your house.


Just like the wall, the ceiling needs to be well-prepared to receive its intended finish. Depending on the structure of your ceiling, you have several options for treating it. To ensure that the coating adheres well to your ceiling, follow these steps:

    • Clean it and remove any wallpaper or paint residue. To do this, scrape it off with a spatula.
    • Then fill in the cracks.
    • To make it smoother, apply a smoothing compound and sand lightly.
    • Remove dust and apply the finish. To do this, use a wide brush for small ceilings and a roller for large ones. If you are painting, always start from the wall where your windows are located. Cross-coat and apply at least two coats.

The price of a ceiling renovation generally depends on the materials and supplies used, the type of work to be done, the condition, and the type of ceiling. It is calculated per square meter. For a ceiling:

    • Atypical with visible beams, the price is between 30 and 45 dollars per m²
    • Tense, expect between 90 and 140 dollars per m²
    • With moldings, the price varies between 50 and 75 dollars.



The choice of your new floor depends mainly on the characteristics of your room, the support that will carry it, and the weight of the covering. It is also necessary to take into account all the constraints that may occur, namely whether your new flooring can be installed on the existing or the old one.

There are several types of flooring, such as parquet, carpet, sea rush, concrete, tiles, PVC, etc.

The price of the renovation of your floor is calculated in m², and according to its condition, the work to be done (change or restoration), the material of the new covering, the need to remove or not your old covering, and the renovation company hired. For this, plan between 980 and 6,500 dollars.

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