The induction cooker is trendy, powerful, and safe. The induction cooker is the trendy cooker, which will be proposed to you if you install a fitted kitchen. Its popularity is mainly due to its power, but also to its safe cooking. It works on the same principle as a ceramic hob. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about an induction cooktop.

How does the induction stove work?


The induction plate works with a copper coil that emits a magnetic field. A coil is placed under each induction plate. The waves produced by this copper coil only heat the pan. Not all materials are suitable for induction cooking. For example, copper, glass, and aluminum are not suitable.

You will have to use cast iron or steel pans or pans equipped with a ferromagnetic disc for an induction plate. Cooking on an induction plate is powerful and even more reactive than on a gas plate. The heat is instantaneous, and the transition from high to low heat is done in a second.

This plate has a power that can go from 26 or 50 W to 4,000 W, with plates up to 28 cm in diameter and up to 17 levels of adjustment! As soon as the pan is removed from the plate, the heat is stopped, but most induction plates also have interlocks and automatic shut-off systems in case of overheating.

An induction plate, therefore, considerably limits the risk of burns. It is also important to know that the induction plate does not cook around the container. This means that any splashes during cooking will not cook and will not stick to the plate.

Advantages of this cooking plate

The induction hob, which is becoming increasingly popular, has many advantages:

1. Fast and precise


In terms of speed, an induction hob certainly heats up as quickly or even faster than a gas hob. The heat setting is also as precise as with gas. The necessary heat is produced only on the part in contact with the container and not on the whole cooking area. After use, the heated area also cools down immediately. Induction cooking is, therefore, fast and precise.

2. Safe to use

The ceramic surfaces of induction hobs are heated only by the residual heat of the pots and pans. This means that the risk of severe burns, as with gas, is considerably limited. If you mistakenly turn on a cooking zone on which no pots and pans are placed, there is no danger because that zone will not heat up. It is also possible to block the entire cooking zone by simply pressing the childproof button. Induction cooking is, therefore, a safe option.

3. Easy to clean


An induction hob’s smooth ceramic cooking zones do not get as dirty as other hobs and are, therefore, easy to clean. Since they are heated only by the residual heat from the bottom of the pan, there is no risk of burning cooking grease or spilled sugar. When you are finished cooking, just cut the plate, and you are done!

4. Easy to handle

Operating an induction cooker is as simple and easy as a digital screen. The cooking zones can be precisely adjusted to your needs in half-screens up to the maximum power. In other words, you can adjust the heat as you like with a simple touch.

5. Economical


Induction hobs are energy-efficient in two ways: they produce heat only where it’s needed and particularly quickly. Even faster than gas. Ideal if you want to combine cooking with electricity and save energy.

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