The materials used in the creation of a library should not be chosen at random. A good choice of material for a library guarantees its durability and some of its positive aspects. Therefore, making a thoughtful choice based on specific criteria is necessary. What are these criteria? What is the perfect material for a library?

Criteria for Recognizing the Right Material for a Library

Choosing the right material for a library depends on specific criteria. These criteria generally define whether the library will meet the required needs and the quality of the furniture on several levels.

The solidity it offers is the first criterion for identifying the ideal material for a library. Indeed, the shelves must be solid to support documents and heavy objects. However, strength may no longer be a priority criterion if the need is not for solid shelves. Still, it is essential to think about it.

Secondly, the material’s durability should be the basis of your choice. A resistant and durable material guarantees a long-lasting investment for the library.

Finally, it would help if you thought about the finishes that the material offers to have good quality furniture according to the desired decoration style. It is necessary to see the possibilities of varnishing and design. It is also essential to consider its adaptation for a custom creation, as in the case of the glazing installation.

The Best Materials to Build a Library

There are several materials for a library that perfectly meet the needs of having furniture of good quality. There is mainly wood that offers variations that can be distinguished.

Solid wood

Solid wood is the perfect material to have a library with solid shelves. It guarantees good support for the weight of all the books and objects that the bookcase will contain. In addition, it ensures the strength and durability of the furniture, including bookcases. This is most evident with walnut or oak shelves.

On the other hand, it perfectly meets the needs of conviviality and aesthetics in a home with its natural side. It is suitable, for example, for a Haussmanian style. Nevertheless, it is more expensive than its counterparts in building a library.


Particleboard offers the best value when choosing materials to build a bookcase. They come in several forms, mainly melamine chipboard and MDF, which are more potent. They are also heavier with a more aesthetic finish.

All particleboard panels generally offer lower resistance than other materials. A coating is often necessary to resist humidity, for example.

Plywood or Slatwall

Plywood is part of the panel family. It is similar to solid wood in its composition. Moreover, it differs from other panels by its light weight. It is easy to cut and suitable for all wet rooms.

Other Materials That Can Be Chosen to Build a Library

There are, for example, cellular concrete and plaster tiles. These materials offer original shelving with harmonious decor.

The same goes for metal, especially if it is mixed with wood to have a library. The right material for a bookcase offers solid, resistant, durable furniture with a good design.

Wood meets these criteria, but we must think about its different variations. You should also think about other materials such as metal, cellular concrete, and plaster tiles.