A fireplace is not only a cozy place to warm up, but also a visual presence that beautifies a home, even if the fireplace no longer functions as a heat source. So, don’t get rid of it; instead, you can display it as an original eye-catcher. Here are six ways to do so!

1) Flames and Light

A fireplace can still provide light and fire with a cozy amount of candles. You can create a more playful effect by arranging several thick candles of different heights to fill the gaps in the fireplace. Pay close attention to safety and ensure no flammable items are nearby.

Should there be no fire? Then you can also place electric candles. Today, some beautiful specimens are indistinguishable from the real thing.

2) Go Green

Are you crazy about plants? Then you can use your fireplace and the empty hearth as a pedestal to display your green friends according to the season. From fragrant eucalyptus trees to festive holly branches, there are hanging plants and beautiful potted plants.

The elevation allows even the most miniature plants to be in the spotlight. The open space in the fireplace should be filled with houseplants of different heights and types. From an aesthetic standpoint, at least three plants should be placed here.

3) Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the season to immerse yourself in decorating. Everything is crazy! Therefore, skipping the fireplace is a missed opportunity. Plan a day with friends and family to cozy up the house, enjoy Christmas music and hot chocolate, and finally watch a good Christmas movie. Decorate the fireplace by hanging a floral wreath or a lovely pine garland. You can also add stockings to create a distinctive Christmas atmosphere. What about that empty hole in the fireplace? Of course, you can put presents in there.

4) Art

Do you still have artwork that doesn’t stand out? Then a fireplace would be appropriate. Place or hang a painting, or fill the fireplace with other artwork, such as vases or sculptures.

5) Firewood

Firing wood in the fireplace gives the interior a natural, warm feeling, and the wood reflects the other interior elements. This gives a nice, homey feel without the need to burn wood.

How To Decorate an Unused Fireplace - Next Luxury

6) Books

The empty space can be used for book storage by installing shelves. In this way, the fireplace saves space. It is also essential to place beautiful books in a particular place rather than discreetly in a cupboard!

7) Install Bottle Racks

Don’t need more shelves? Instead, create a panel and install a few wine racks to transform your fireplace into a beautiful and functional wine storage corner.

8) Paint it Black

Brick doesn’t always work well with the monochromatic decor, luxurious natural stone materials, or modern art. The solution is to paint it dark or black. This creates depth and allows the antique look of the brick to stand out more. Do this when you want to give an empty fireplace an edgy, yet understated look.

9) Create a Seat

Place a small accent chair in the fireplace. It will serve as decoration and as a spare chair when needed.

10) A Basket of Warmth

Instead of evoking a fire with sparkling light, why not convey warmth with an object that can actually warm you? A basket filled with cozy blankets and pillows makes a valuable display in a clean, unused fireplace.

11) Fabric Covers

A nice fabric, small rug, or artificial turf can be affixed to an unused fireplace mantel for a colorful renovation without painting. Finally, place a small bench in the front.

Do you have a fireplace that is not working or not being used? Share photos of how you used them in the comments!