We’ve been trying so hard to get back to normalcy that it seems that this year, 2022, we have finally succeeded. Leaving the pandemic behind to take a back seat is a great achievement that allows us to focus our interest on issues such as the energy crisis or climate change, two topics that we are concerned about and that will be the aspect that will define the home reform trends for the impending year 2023.

Here are the decorative trends that we will see non-stop in 2023 (according to experts)

Many homeowners are dealing with old and inefficient fixtures in their homes, and more and more are opting for more sustainable solutions to renovate them. In fact, according to the latest research, about 65 percent of homes renovated in 2021 were more than 20 years old. Aware of not only how homes are built, but also how they are transformed, people are no longer looking for aesthetically perfect spaces, but rather comfortable, enjoyable and most importantly, sustainable ones. We consulted with home design and remodeling platforms, which had more than three million active home professionals, to reveal what the most sought-after remodeling trends will be for the coming year. So keep reading to find out more.

Invest In Color

The hues around us condition us and we seek warmth. For the upcoming year 2023, colors find their inspiration in nature. In the year we will launch, we will seek to create spaces that convey calm and comfort, through a range of tones that fade and desaturate. The preferred palette to dress our homes will be based on colors such as light green, ecru, wheat, mauve, orange and sand, which is an evolution of the terracotta that had dominated until now.

Use of Natural Stones

During 2023, natural stone will continue to impose its trends, especially in the kitchen, where an organic and more natural aesthetic prevails, with surfaces with smoother and more rounded lines on the worktops, where the veins and irregular or imperfect edges stand out, in materials such as wood, stone or marble.

Sustainability Even in the Pantry

If you’re considering changing the kitchen, betting on more efficient appliances will help improve sustainability habits. The pros also point out that storage is also key to reducing waste, and storing food properly helps you see what’s in the drawers and avoid waste. For this reason, in 2023, the pantry takes on an exceptional value in this room and, specifically, they will be required to have cabinets with removable drawers for easy access to food.

Technological Homes

We use our devices for work, school, video conferencing, and even to make our homes, including the bathroom, smarter. In the personal care room, choosing a mirror solely for its shape is a thing of the past. Anti-fog and light-integrated models are becoming increasingly popular. But there are many more options: mirrors are practically becoming digital assistants from which you can see what the weather is going to be like, choose specific lighting or even order the purchase. There will also be an increase in the installation of electronic faucets and smart toilets to get a more pleasant experience and save water. Overall, the bathroom is banking on technology to provide a more comfortable and, more importantly, personalized experience.

Dare to Change

If you’re thinking of reforming the bedroom, the trend says you should include elements such as wood, which gives warmth, and wallpaper, whose search has increased by 35% in 2022 compared to the previous year. If installed on the headboard, it adds texture and, in addition, it is an easy to install and change element that allows you to show your personality.

The Circular Economy in Upholstery

There is a clear trend to rely on fibers like hemp and natural coatings like lime, clay mortars, plaster or ceramic paints, as they are more durable. This trend of individuals building more sustainable homes is reflected in users’ searches, with the growth of terms such as aerothermal, solar panels or panels and passive houses (202%, 181% and 110%, respectively).

Preference for Wood and Imperfect Finishes

The veins and imperfections that characterize the natural aesthetic will totally conquer the decorating and remodeling trends of 2023, and will even reach surfaces like floors or countertops. Specifically, ceramic lattice is coming in strong, which is a piece that also connects to the Mediterranean idiosyncrasy. Pine wood is also making its way into furniture, especially, but also in interior joinery.

There you go! If you were looking to make some home renovations in 2023, you know where to start. What are your thoughts on those trends? Let us know in the comments below.