Do you have a piece of land or a portion of land that you want to fence? Depending on what you want to do with it, you can use a log fence. This is very effective and does not require a lot of money compared to some fences. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for building a log fence here.

Prepare the ground well


The first thing to do before installing a fence is to prepare the ground properly. This consists of marking out the boundary stones of the plot of land. It is widely used by the company specializing in the installation of log fences. A measurement should be taken if possible. This will be done with stakes and a chalk line.

Once the boundary has been established, the location of the posts and their spacing will be determined. This is a method of knowing exactly how many logs to use for the entire fence. The dimensions of the wooden joints between the logs will also be determined by a perfect measurement of the total dimension of the fence.

The set of posts and string should not be moved until the fence is fully erected. The posts must then be placed tactfully. But it is important to locate the first posts to be placed and the location of the openings with a marker.

Ensure that the logs are cut properly

Once the site has been well prepared, the next step is to cut the logs. First of all, the choice of good quality of wood is essential for a fence. There are types of wood that are specially designed for fencing. The quality of the wood depends on its ability to withstand the weather and insects for as long as possible.

Next, it is necessary to cut the fence. The circumference and height of a log should meet the minimum size requirements for such a fence. The correct methodology would be to first cut a prototype, taking into account the piece of wood that will be put in the ground. A trial run should be made to judge the correct height. As soon as this meets your requirements, this prototype will be used as a basis for cutting the other logs according to the number needed for the whole fence.

Finally, the preparation of the wooden joints must also be done. They can be much thinner, and longer but just as strong as the wooden logs. Their number will be determined by the dimensions of the perimeter of the property.

Installing the fence

Once all the materials are available, the fencing can be put in place. These are mainly logs, wooden joints and suitable spikes. The first step is to put the logs in the ground at the prescribed height. Care must be taken to ensure that the logs are perfectly solid when placed in the ground. There are several archaic techniques for achieving this strength.

Secondly, the wooden poles must be joined together by juxtaposing the joints with nails. Depending on their size, a wooden joint can hold between three and more than four posts. This should be done for the entire fence.

Final thoughts


In conclusion, a large area of unoccupied or occupied land can be effectively delimited by a log fence. The latter serves as a protection and guarantees the integrity of the plot. This is a technique that is very often used for farms or any other type of large estate.

The respect for the different steps is very important to have a uniform and well laid out whole. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about fencing.