A useful and practical room, the bathroom is an indispensable element in a house. Moreover, it also serves as a haven of peace to relax and escape the hum of the outside world. Therefore, to create a “cocooning” atmosphere conducive to relaxation, adopt the rustic style! Far from being outdated, this type of decoration brings warmth to the room. Mostly composed of natural materials such as wood, a rustic bathroom will have a little vintage touch while remaining refined.

My bathroom is the place I go to after a hard day at work, and it is my safe space, where I can pour myself a glass of wine and read my current book. A large natural stone bathtub, white wood furniture, candles, and plants. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the must-haves to create a rustic atmosphere in your bathroom.

1. Wooden decorations


Wood goes wonderfully with different colors, from neutral to more intense colors. Of course, if putting wood on the walls isn’t stylish enough for you, you can opt for, for example:

    • Furniture under the basin
    • A wooden column
    • A treated pine medicine cabinet.

Good to know: if you are afraid of overloading your small bathroom with all-wood furniture, you can balance it out with a light colour.

2. A wooden wall mirror

The main material of the rustic style, wood, is also used for decorative items. Install one or two mirrors with a wooden frame above, and you’re done. You also have the option of adding wood to the walls. In recent years, stores and manufacturers have gone to great lengths to offer wall coverings that match the trends and are also suitable for wet rooms.

3. A stone tile

In marble or natural stone, your bathroom countertop will immediately have a rustic feel. Opt for the warm shades of travertine, ranging from light beige to brown, which can be combined with all kinds of furnishings (Mediterranean, Oriental and especially rustic, or even modern). For the bathroom, a drummed surface is particularly suitable, as it is non-slip while remaining soft to the touch.

4. Metal baskets

To store beauty products and have an organized bathroom, metal baskets in the style of a flea market basket are adapted to a rustic decoration. If they’re vintage, it’s even better!

5. A wrought iron towel rack

A comfortable and attractive bathroom should provide all the amenities you need on a daily basis. This will certainly be the case with a wrought iron towel rack. Noble materials for a rare elegance!

6. A vintage style bathtub


If you have space in your bathroom, choose a vintage island bathtub model. Thus, you will have the advantage of:

    • A refined design: because it sits in the middle of the bathroom, the island bathtub is the object of all attention. Whether Victorian or ultra-modern, the design of this bathtub is refined. It is an art object in its own right, as beautiful as it is practical, inviting you to relax as much as to admire it, and for an installation in the rules of art!
    • Originality that stands out: far from having the same style as modern bathtubs, the island bathtub offers an original configuration to your entire bathroom. It is one of the new trends for those who dream of originality. Some are even customizable to fit your colours. The island bathtub offers you to create a unique, chic and daring bathroom.

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