Plasterboard is a construction material that is used to design partitions or to optimize the insulation of a home. This material often comes in the form of rectangular plates. The plaster is economical, ecological, and easy to use. What budget should I plan for the installation of plaster per m2?

What are the different types of plaster and their price per m2 excluding installation?

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Composed of plaster there are several types of Plasterboard sheets with various properties.

Plaster BA13 (Thinned edges 13 mm thick)

This Plasterboard is the most popular because of its diversification and low cost. This is a typical model intended for dry rooms in homes. For its installation, you can consult a renovation specialist. This plaster does not have any specific technical characteristics and fits on a layer of sound and heat insulation. You can have the BA13 plaster at $3 per m2 at the entry-level and $8 per m2 at the high end.

Plaster phonic

This Plasterboard is used to optimize the acoustic insulation of homes. It significantly reduces noise between rooms (fitting a partition) or between two floors (fitting a false ceiling). This plaster is made of high-performance sound insulation. This allows it to reduce noise by at least 50% from one room to another. This material will cost you $8 per m2 at the entry-level and $12 at the top.

Water-repellent plaster

The water-repellent plaster is designed to hold moisture. Its installation prevents the growth of mold and the problems of condensation in poorly ventilated rooms. It is, therefore, the perfect material for wet rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. The water-repellent plaster will cost you $5 per m2 at the entry-level and $8 per m2 at the high end.

High hardness plaster

High-hardness plasterboard is a reinforced Plasterboard that is generally installed in rooms subject to impact. These walls are designed to withstand heavy loads of up to 60 kg per fixing point. The high-hardness plaster will cost you $10 per m2 at the entry-level and $15 per m2 at the high end.

Fireproof Plasterboard

Fireproof plaster is more suitable for rooms likely to be exposed to high heat or flames. It is, therefore, generally placed in rooms where there are boilers or wood stoves. It limits and slows the spread of flames in the room. The entry-level price of fireproof plaster per m2 is $8, but at the top of the range, you will have to count $12 per m2.

Integrated insulating plaster

Built-in insulating Plasterboard is made not only of plaster but also a layer of insulation. It exists in different forms, some allow for an attenuation of the heat or the freshness, and others allow for reduced noise. You can buy this material at $15 per m2 at the entry-level and at $20 per m2 at the high end.

Bendable Plasterboard

This Plasterboard is a very characteristic technical material that makes it possible to create rounded partitions. It is generally used to separate parts in an original way. Moreover, it is not very expensive. At the entry level, you can have it at $6 per m2 and the top end at $10 per m2.

Folding plaster

This material facilitates interior design work, such as attic insulation. Not very bulky; it is quite practical. The folding plaster costs 5 $ per m2 at the entry-level and 8 $ at the top of the range.

Plaster installation price per m2

The price of the labor of a plasterer per m2 is between 15 and 30 $. This price does not include supplies. You must count at least 18 to 50 $ per m2 for all the basic work. In addition, the price of the installation of the plaster per m2 can also vary according to work carried out.

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