Wooden stairs come in several designs and different materials. Regardless of the type of wood, it is important to maintain and clean the stairs to maintain their durability. How to take care of waxed wooden stairs? Here are some tips to help you with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Dust the stairs regularly


Even if dusting is part of your daily life, it is important that you do the waxed stairs with care. Wax-coated wood is easy to maintain. If your staircase wood is not coated with wax, you can hire a professional who will offer their services.

A few regular sweeps will therefore suffice for the dusting of such a staircase. But pay attention to the type of broom you adopt. You shouldn’t damage your stairs; instead, make them cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. It is recommended to use a dustpan for this purpose. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Clean waxed wooden stairs

To clean your waxed wooden staircase, you will need a dampened microfiber cloth. It will allow you to do the cleaning without risking degrading the wax and, by extension, the wood of the stairs. You can also clean it up using dishwashing liquid. Make circular movements and gently dab the wood of the stairs so as not to create scratches. Note that it is strongly advised not to use products containing fat for cleaning. This will only trap grime or stains during regular passes.

Remove stains

Stains are what very often tarnish the stairs. It is, therefore, necessary to get rid of it by using simple but effective solutions. It is also strongly advised not to use acid solutions to remove stains from a waxed wooden staircase. As for cleaning, a cloth soaked in water and olive oil will suffice to remove stains.

Fix the holes

When you notice small holes in your stairs, you should repair them immediately or hire a professional stair builder to limit the damage. Thus, the wood glue will be more than enough to fill these holes. Another solution that will allow you to tinker will be to make the glue. This option is valid if you do not have wood glue at home or if you are a fine handyman.

For the realization of your wood glue, you will need three spoonfuls of flour and a liter of water. You will boil them and then pass the resulting paste over the holes. You will then clean with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth to remove dust particles. Apply a thin layer of wax, and your staircase will look new.

Renovate the stairs

Over time, the wood degrades, and therefore your staircase becomes weaker. In this case, it will be necessary to think about renovating it to allow it to find a facelift. But for an effective renovation, you will have to give your all. You will indeed have to dust, clean, sand, strip and then put a new coat of wax on your staircase. For a better renovation, you can also think about changing the railings of your staircase. There are in all forms. They will know how to adapt to your waxed wooden staircase.

The installation of a new wax

You must wax your staircase at least twice a year. This will allow it to look new more often. This will also allow the wood to retain its strength over time.



Stripping comes in when you want to completely change the old wax on your stairs. This is also what is recommended since, over the coats of polish, the wood will become sticky and will retain dust. You can use turpentine and steel wool or a nylon brush.

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