Technological evolution has led to a revolution even in the real estate field. Several components of a home can now be easily automated. For example, if you have a sliding gate, it may undergo custom maintenance to open and close on its own. Here’s how to perform this operation from the choice of model.

Motorization of a sliding gate: what is it?


It consists of installing a device allowing your gate to manage its movements on its own. It is a method that calls on a particular technology and which is adapted to this type of accessories. There are several types of sliding gate motors. The implementation is ensured by companies specialized in the realization of automated portals of all kinds. These ensure the installation of the gate and its automation.

Choice of engine technology

There are several technologies for motorizing a gate. The choice of the type of automation depends on the model or brand of the device. For sliding gate models, there are two main methods of motorization.

First of all, there is the motorization on floor rails which is suitable for all types of gates and easy to install. It is the most used technology for metal and wooden gates. Then there is the motorization with self-supporting rails. Much more sensitive, it is more used for medium and small gates with a lightweight. It is not recommended for large and sometimes heavy gates because the motorization force is insufficient to activate their movements.

Criteria to consider when choosing

To choose a good motivational technology, you have to follow certain criteria.

  • The power supply system: it is a question of determining how to connect the motor to a power source, but also to ensure the level of tension necessary for its actuation without difficulty.
  • The characteristics of the gate: it is absolutely important to check the weight and the size of the gate because modeling on self-supporting rails is unsuitable for large gates.
  • Make sure that the motor can be firmly anchored to the ground for greater safety.
  • Need for a rack: it is useful to ensure the safe and lateral movement of the gate.

Utilities and price of automating a sliding gate


The main purpose of this operation is to promote the life of the inhabitants of the house. It is sometimes very inconvenient to get out of the car to open and close a gate while on the move. This is also the case when you receive visitors. Thus, motorization allows a considerable reduction of the effort.

The advantages are all the greater for the elderly or disabled. In these cases, individuals are called upon to spare their efforts to avoid fatigue. In another sense, the automation of a gate is a springboard for a colossal saving of time. It is very popular for large houses or villas with a large distance between the house and the gate. In terms of aesthetics, the sliding gate with autonomous technology gives a special charm to the house.

It is, therefore, a real added value to the price of the house. It is available at several exchanges. But there are models at a few high prices that may scare some people away. This amount strongly depends on the type of engine chosen. On average, it takes between 350 dollars and 1000 dollars. This can sometimes even climb to more than 1500 dollars for high-end models.

In conclusion, the motorization of a sliding gate is an easy operation when you have the right model and the ideal professional. This article has given you the criteria for choosing the right motorization system.

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