Many people dream of opening their kitchens to the living room. While the layout of an open kitchen is not to be taken lightly since it takes special considerations to achieve the objectives set. However, if you want to do it, discover here some mistakes that you will have to avoid.

Disregard open kitchen aesthetics


The kitchen, since it is open to the living room, is accessible to all eyes. So, it is essential to take care of its aesthetics. Many people completely miss the aesthetic side of their open kitchen. This is often due to the presence of a few elements that are unsightly. It is therefore recommended aesthetic cupboards in order to properly store these items. You will also have to try to hide all those objects that are visible from the sofa from view.

At this level, you will be able to buy appliances that fit into your cupboards. This will make your life easier and enhance the aesthetics of your open kitchen. In addition, a kitchen open to a living room must have perfect decoration. That is to say that the decoration of the kitchen must be in perfect harmony with that of the living room. Also, you should always keep your kitchen tidy. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the experts, even a plumbing specialist, to find the ideal layout.

Ditch the light fixtures in the dining room

Another big mistake to avoid is forgetting to place the lights in your kitchen-dining room. Your open kitchen feels a great need for light. It is, therefore, inconceivable to forget the lights since they will have a big role to play in enhancing your open kitchen. Opt for a chandelier or for lights that diffuse soft light in the evening.

Suspended from the kitchen’s central island, the light will allow you to have a peaceful and warm atmosphere in your open kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to invite your friends over for dinner in the evening without worrying that the light will dazzle them. You can also add spotlights with dimmers to your kitchen to create a beautiful atmosphere and give a practical design to your open kitchen.

Avoid mismanaging kitchen space.

It is undeniable that your kitchen is a space that needs new gadgets, especially those that are at the cutting edge of technology. A common mistake is to overload your kitchen space. It will therefore be necessary to ventilate this space by properly storing all the gadgets or kitchen appliances.

Everything must be perfectly stowed to allow you to move around without breaking your little toe. A cluttered open kitchen gives a bad impression of the design of the living room. So you will have to care to ventilate your kitchen as you did for your other living spaces.

Wrong choice of living room table

An error to avoid absolutely is the bad choice of the table in the living room, which is essential for the taking of the meal. It should, therefore, not be disproportionately large in order to better set the tone of the room. Choose a table taking into account the dimensions of your room. This will allow you to easily delimit the space in an elegant way.

For example, if you live in a small apartment, it is advisable to opt for a coffee table with an assertive and authentic style. A table that is too big in a small space will give the impression of smallness, while a table that is too small for a larger space will be practically invisible.

Buy poor-quality materials


Another mistake to absolutely avoid the choice of poor quality materials. Indeed, because of the cost, some people buy poor-quality materials for the finish of their open kitchen. Once the finishes are done, the result is imperfect and, therefore, very inelegant. So make an effort to choose your materials, taking into account the design of your room.

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