So you have a home office. Congratulation! Many people dream of a dedicated space in their home where they can concentrate and tackle their tasks. That said, the idea of a home office and the reality can be very different. Having a home office means welcoming work into the sanctuary of your living space.

How to keep your office zen? If you want to create a place that you’ll enjoy working in and that blends in comfortably with the rest of your house or apartment (and your life), you need to think about the different options for decorating a home office.

You might not think that creating an aesthetic you enjoy in your office should be a priority in your professional life. But decorating a home office in a way you love is actually quite powerful. When you enjoy space, you want to keep it tidy, and it can also help you enjoy your work.

With this in mind, it is worth investing in the decoration of your home office. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best tips below. The drudgery of getting to the office is much easier when you go to a space that’s comfortable for you. With this in mind, it is worth investing in the decoration of your home office. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best tipsĀ below.

1. Stay organized


It’s not a secret. Home offices can get messy fast. It is tempting to buy bins, drawers, etc., for the organization to prevent piles from piling up. There are about a million options on the market to help you keep your home office in top shape. The only problem is that it’s too easy to bring home a bunch of them without actually implementing them.

Before you stock up on drawer organizers and filing cabinets, think about how you organize yourself. What works well for you in the rest of your home? If you’ve already scanned your receipts and stored your documents digitally, why buy a filing cabinet for your home office? If you have one favorite pen that you always use, why buy a pencil holder? Don’t get caught up in the office organization fad.

You have the possibility to create your workspace. Do it in a way that will work for you in the long run. Remember, it’s much easier to decorate a home office in a way that isn’t too sterile when you’ve avoided piling up piles of bins, folders, and organizers.

2. Elevate your thought

Even the smallest home office can be filled with decorating and organizing solutions. The trick is to think higher. Maximize your vertical area by hanging the artwork you love, adding floating shelves, or installing cabinets along the wall. The height of your wall is an asset when decorating a home office.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with what you snag. Open cabinets can be both practical and fun. Fill them with useful bins, colorful books, or meaningful trinkets. Never forget that your home office is just that: yours. You can use the entire height of the wall as a canvas to place what inspires you and boosts your productivity.

3. Eliminate cable clutter


In the digital age, one of the worst things about offices is the tech clutter that builds up. You probably need your computer and your printer, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare at their tangle of cables all day. Take a few steps to prevent your home office from being cluttered with cables. Make a hole in the back of a pretty box.

Your router and other necessary technical equipment can be housed there with the cords coming out the back. Install a power strip under or behind your desk. Use cable ties and control hooks to gather all the cords that are plugged into this power strip and route them to the back of the cabinet, out of sight.

4. Let the light settle

The offices are known for their austere lighting, especially fluorescent lamps. Why do offices often opt for sterile, cold lighting that makes you feel like you’re under a microscope? Because they know a basic principle: sufficient lighting makes work easier. We already strain our eyes, staring at screens most of the day. Don’t make the situation worse by limiting the lighting in your home office. Use natural light as much as possible, but be sure to supplement what is lacking. A well-lit office is a happy and productive office.

5. Make yourselves at home


Your office is an extension of your house or apartment. It should look and feel like it. Decorate with the same themes you’ve used in your home and incorporate items you love. Nothing is forbidden. If you like plants, cover your office with green. If you love comfort, add a plush rug and a cozy throw to your office chair. Don’t limit yourself just because it’s a workspace. You’ll be more productive in a room that brings you joy, so why not put a little more care into creating an office that feels like home?

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