One thing that will undoubtedly get attention in the living room is the coffee table. Since it is a piece of furniture used daily, it is essential to place it well.

People often say they don’t know how to dress a coffee table. We are here to help. Believe it or not, there is a simple formula that guarantees success in every situation. We explain it in this article!

The Secret Formula for the Perfect Coffee Table

Remember this magic formula to avoid the most common decorating mistakes if you want an easy way to decorate your coffee table. This formula gives you the key to success, but you can be as creative as you like.

First, imagine that the table is divided into four equal parts. Large items can be placed in two diagonal boxes to balance them out. Smaller items should be placed in the remaining two boxes.

Decorations should be arranged according to the time of year. For example, in the fall, a basket of dried leaves should be placed on the table, and in the spring, fresh flowers should be placed on the table. Also, don’t forget to put out Christmas decorations at Christmas time.

Finally, try to keep your table uncluttered. Doing so will make your centerpieces look more beautiful.

Tips for a Great Coffee Table

Now that you know how to divide and decorate your table, here are some great tips to make decorating even easier.

1) Height

Add tall vases, vintage-style bottles, or houseplants to avoid the typical one-size-fits-all table arrangement. This will make the overall impression more lively.

2) The Magic of Trays

Trays are a great way to decorate any coffee table, as they can bring together various items and create a sense of unity and order. And, of course, they are easy to clean.

3) Use Baskets

Whether boxes or baskets, this type of container makes furniture arrangement and organization much easier. They are also helpful for storing remote controls, coasters, etc.

4) Books

We love to fill our homes with books. Not only are they decorative and beautiful, but they are also great conversation starters.

5) Variety is the Spice of Life

Try to mix and match (but not overdo) colors and textures. This will make your table stand out. The table should be the star of the show, not just a convenient place to put drinks.

BALE Round Nesting Coffee Tables – Urban Mood

6) Color Schemes

Using color is a great way to create a coffee table that stands out. Choose the same color palette as the rest of the furniture and place all the different elements, as we said before.

7) Combine Different Shapes

If you want to display books and magazines on the table, we recommend combining round objects such as boxes, vases, and ornaments. It will create a perfect balance.

8) The Charm of Bottles

Another idea that is very inexpensive and looks great in any living room is the bottle. Depending on the size of your coffee table, you can decorate it with glass bottles or demijohns. You can add natural plants or flowers in them to give them a Boho touch.

9) Large Coffee Table Base

Think of candles, vases, books, and easy trays when decorating a coffee table. If there is anything that makes a coffee table look great, it is these four elements. Play with shapes, colors, and sizes; the rest is up to you.

See how easy it is to decorate your coffee table? Follow this simple formula, stick to the essential elements, add your own personal touches, and your coffee table will look great in no time!