There comes a time when every homeowner wants to remodel their bathroom. So, if you are looking for any inspiration to start a bathroom makeover on your own, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remodel your bathroom mirror.

Framing Plain Wall Mirrors With Molding

Framing Plain Wall Mirrors With MoldingWe’ve all had plain mirrors hanging on our bathroom’s wall with clips –pretty functional and practical but not very pleasing to the eye. I actually found this DIY project on the net and was really inspired by its creativity and its simplicity. Of course, I’d like to credit the original blogger for this work.

So, start by removing the clips and remounting the mirrors using mirror mastic. It’s not really like Liquid Nails, as this one is made especially for mirrors –the adhesive will not bleed through the finish of your mirror and ruin your DIY project.

Using a 10-inch miter saw (I also strongly suggest watching videos on how to cut the corners of crown molding), you will have success. Perhaps, the easiest part would be the framing phase. So, frame the mirrors with mdf boards and the number of boards you’ll have to buy depends on the number of mirrors you have. However, keep in mind that one mirror would need 4 boards –left side, right side, bottom and top. Then, cut the wide mdf boards to the width and height you need. If you are lucky, you’ll have straight cuts.

Now, paint the back edges of each of the trimmed boards the same color that the front will be. This stage should not be overlooked; otherwise, when they are mounted around the mirror, the mirror would reflect the unfinished wood. So, once you’ve painted and sanded the edges, you can now attach them around the mirror using Liquid Nails. If you want to make sure all the boards are straight and level, use a bubble level.

You can also choose to place them right on the mirror to hide one of the chips in one of them. This would eventually raise the frame away from the wall a little bit. Or, of course, you could just butt them right around the edges of the mirror.

Framing Plain Wall Mirrors With MoldingNow, we are coming to the stage where you’d have to think through carefully. Here, you will have to use a lot of brain energy to think carefully about how to cut the corners of crown molding. You can use Bed Molding –just a little bit smaller than crown.

So, you can use Liquid Nails to stick it to the top of the mirror’s frame. You should first position the front piece and then strap it securely in place until it dries completely. Then, use a bubble level to ensure it’s stable and level. You can proceed by adding the side pieces in the same way. Of course, lots of tapes would be needed to hold them up while they dry up.

So, once the glue is dry, you can start painting the frames – I highly suggest using a semi-gloss white and caulk to hide all the flaws.

Note: It’s important to remember that for any DIY project, caulk is a DIY’ers best friend, especially when installing crown molding and when you want it to look great.

People’s Reviews:

“Bathroom is coming along great. Door knobs…perfect.

Have been going to do something to the mirrors in my Sons bathroom. Was thinking of a more rustic wood since it’s a Guy’s bath. Or maybe he will move out and I can do as I wish.” –From Nancy

“Thanks Elizabeth – I love This Old House Magazine. I have not gotten my copy yet. No mail service here today, because of Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully it will come tomorrow.”–From Diane Henkler

“Every project of yours I look at is so awesome. I love the color in that bathroom. So clean and cheery. I like and need alot of light also. Think my brain is hardwired somewhat like yours. Isn’t it fun to look at something and be able to see it in a different better way? I love that, so fun and satisfying. You are a pretty handy gal. Good for you.” –From JaneEllen Jones