Family bathroom: how to make it a practical and pleasant space?

When a whole family uses the same bathroom, expectations, and needs differ. It is, therefore, necessary to make adjustments so that everyone can use it without getting in each other’s way while ensuring it remains easy to maintain. Discover all our advice on obtaining a functional and pleasant family bathroom.

Family bathroom: multiply the water points

Double sinks

If the bathroom space allows it, opt for a double basin. It will enable two members of the family to have access to a water point but also to have their own storage space if they are installed or embedded in a storage unit. However, you should know that the double basin cabinet will require a minimum length of 1.20 m.


Classic with a wall or a curtain or in the form of a cubicle, the shower allows you to avoid water splashes while preserving your privacy if the wall is not transparent. The Italian-style shower, with its flush-fitting shower tray, prevents children from having to climb over a step.

Note: the shower is more water efficient than the bath. Count on 60 to 80 liters for a 5-minute shower, compared to 150 to 200 liters for a bath.


Family bathroom

If space permits, the bathtub is ideal for bathing children. If the bathroom is small, there are corner models to optimize unused space.

Another possibility is the combined bath and shower bathtub, which combines the pleasure of bathing with the advantages of showering in a single sanitary unit. It has a non-slip floor at one end for comfortable showering. It is equipped with a shower screen, also called a bath screen, to avoid splashing water.

Family bathroom: how to make it a practical and pleasant space?

Multiply the storage space

Between the furniture under the basin, the cupboards, the shelves, or the columns, there is no lack of solutions so that everyone has a dedicated storage space. Those for children will be located at their level, while dangerous products will be placed high up.

Also prefer rounded corners, which are less dangerous for the little ones.

Note: functional, wall-hung storage units free up space and simplify floor cleaning.

Choose materials that are easy to maintain

Choose materials that are easy to clean for the floor, the wall, the bathroom, and the storage units. Tiles, for example, must be non-slip, suitable for frequent use, and easy to clean. On the other hand, avoid glass, which, while not lacking in aesthetic appeal, must be regularly wiped and cleaned to prevent lime scale and fingerprints.

Preserve circulation space

The family bathroom must be located in an easily accessible area. Therefore, it should not be located next to a bedroom.

The whole family should also be able to move around the room without getting in the way. Consider the clearance distances: 55 to 60 cm are a minimum requirement in front of the sanitary facilities (sink, shower, bathtub, toilet). Also, count 45 cm minimum for the depth of the washbasin, 2 m height for the shower, and 20 cm clearance on both sides of the swinging door.

Note: Avoid putting a toilet in a family bathroom because of the lack of privacy.

Price of the furnishings for a family bathroom

You can find storage units, showers, and bathtubs in DIY stores, specialty stores, and on the Internet.

You can expect to pay the following:

  • from $350 for a double vanity;
  • from $250 for a shower enclosure kit, from $1,000 for a classic shower, and up to $3,000 for a walk-in shower, including installation costs;
  • from $150 for a bathtub and $600 for a bathtub-shower combination;
  • from $20 for a shelf and $40 for a storage column.

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