When it comes to renovating their kids’ bedrooms, parents always like to take the lead. However, as kids grow and change, so do their tastes and preferences. This is why it is better to let your kids recreate their own spaces on their own.

Why Should You Let Your Kids Redesign Their Rooms?

Why Should You Let Your Kids Redesign Their Rooms?While parents may be reluctant to allow their kids to redesign their rooms, professionals in the field of child psychology claim that children should be given this chance. “Giving your kids this freedom to create their own world is a good way of making them feel comfortable in their own space. In doing so, you are showing your kids that you trust them in making good decisions, which can improve their self esteem,” says Dr. Robert D. Brooks of Massachusetts’ McLean Hospital.

Research has consistently shown that childhood is the most critical phase of life. It’s a crucial time for your child’s development because this stage lays the basic foundations for the child’s learning and well-being throughout his lifetime. These childhood experiences will not only affect the development of their brain architectures, but will also help them develop skills they’ll need to become well-functioning adults. This is why investing in them and allowing them to make certain decisions on their own are so important.

Here are some reasons why you should let your kids redecorate their rooms:

Family Values

Family values are a reflection of who you are and how you parent and such values are usually passed down from one generation to the next. These values can help your kids determine what is right and what is wrong. So, giving your kids the freedom to redecorate their rooms is the perfect opportunity to cement some family values. You are not abdicating your responsibilities as a parent, but you are teaching responsibility to your kids.

Future Decisions

Children are never allowed to make decisions on their own since parents believe that they lack the experience and skills to make good decisions. However, according to child experts, it is important to help your kids build decision-making skills from an early age. Instead of imposing your choices on them and making all the decisions, including them in the decision-making process will help them to make better choices in the future. When they take time to consider all the options for wallpapers and color schemes, they are learning and understanding the importance of their decisions.

Creativity Unleashed

When it comes to the early years of development and acquiring new skills, creativity plays a crucial role. All children need to be truly creative to have new ideas and develop problem-solving skills. However, children need the constant support and encouragement of their parents to develop their creativity.

When you are allowing your daughter or son to recreate their own space, they will be full of ideas. Allowing them to redesign their room will create an avenue to test out their tastes and preferences.

Bad Influence

When children reach a certain age, they try to become more independent and may therefore be attracted to “bad” company. When your kids are in bad company, they will never disclose any details of their “friends.” However, when they start designing their environment, the changes they make to their room will let you know if your kids have deviated. Any little or major changes to the room would be a clear indication of what’s happening in your child’s life and this is definitely an advantage to you.

Ways Your Kids Can Redesign Their Room:

Ways Your Kids Can Redesign Their Room:

  • Choosing the color scheme
  • Choosing the new layout
  • Picking out new bedding
  • Creating a gallery wall with their favorite pictures
  • Keeping what’s necessary and throwing away old and unused items like clothes, shoes and toys