4 Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a space in our houses and apartments where we spend much time during the day, especially if we have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Formerly a purely functional room, special attention is now paid to its decoration. This is what leads some owners to personalize it to have a place that is both practical and refined. This operation can also allow you to give a second youth to this room, whether partial or complete. Here are some tips to help you in the renovation of your kitchen.

1. Clearly define the work to be done

Before renovating or using tips to decorate your kitchen, list everything you want to change or improve. Appliances, furniture, style, paints, flooring…

This will help you clearly understand the implementation and the budget you will need for this operation.

2. Prepare the work well

Once the list is done, you can proceed to purchase the different materials, appliances, and other elements you will need for the renovation. To do this, note the room’s dimensions, the doors, and other details. This will make it easier for you once the work begins.

The most important thing here is clearly remembering what you want your kitchen to look like at the end of the work. For more style and precision, you can try making a 3-D plan. Don’t worry; this is quickly done with many online services and applications.

3. Get rid of only the things you need to replace

Kitchen Renovation

Just because you want to renovate doesn’t mean you must remove your kitchen’s old furniture and other equipment. To reduce the cost of the work, consider keeping some of the furniture, especially those in good condition or that can still be used for a while.

There may even be times when you don’t need to change these pieces of equipment. In this case, you can only proceed with renovating the façade. All you need to do is restore your furniture’s value by applying new paint, for example. Sometimes, simply changing the table’s location is enough to give your kitchen a different look.

4. Going new

Kitchen Renovation

4.1 The furniture

Renewing your furniture will take a significant portion of your budget. But as mentioned above, it would be better to change only defective ones. And if you have a tight budget, you can find interesting products in specialized kitchen stores, online promotions, good deals, etc…

What is good about the brands selling products dedicated to the kitchen world is that they offer mid-range products. The interest is that you can easily get furniture that can be adapted to the structure of your kitchen. In addition, these are companies that usually have professionals for after-sales service.

You can call a professional kitchen designer if you are rather demanding and only want top-of-the-range. The latter will be able to offer you luxurious items and especially custom-made ones. But as you can imagine, you will have to plan a rather large budget.

4.2 Appliances and kitchen accessories

We cannot say a kitchen has been renovated if the appliances have not changed. When you buy, you can use an “all-inclusive” service in some stores. This will allow you to make some savings since you will not have to call a craftsman for the installation. Also, you will have the right equipment to match the style of your kitchen furniture.

Accessories are the most important and most visible elements in your kitchen. Their choice should reflect your “feeling,” and ideally, they should match the room’s other details. The quality or range of your sink, faucets, or utensils… can change everything. Therefore, think carefully before choosing them, especially ensuring there is a certain harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

4.3 Flooring and paint

Various materials are suitable for kitchen floors, but choosing the right one is up to you. You can choose between tiles, PVC materials, parquet, or solid wood. Also, there is a wide range of patterns and colors for these different materials. If your kitchen floor is covered with a material you don’t like or haven’t chosen, you’re likely to run away from it all the time. We, therefore, advise you to take the time to store around to make choices according to your needs and tastes.

As for the walls, these kitchen parts usually get dirty quickly. For the renovation, you can use, for example, interior paint as a coating. But make sure that it is easy to clean. In addition, the paint can also be used on a tiled credenza. Apart from that, wall tiling is also an attractive solution. You can then choose the color or pattern of the tiles according to the style of your kitchen.

Also, don’t forget to create large openings so the air can circulate naturally in your kitchen. This will also help you avoid potential gas accidents.

Renovating a kitchen is not a project to be rushed. The scope of the work requires a certain amount of preparation that must be considered before you start.