Basements have a reputation for being dark, musky spaces without any air where all the things you don’t want to meet congregate. And this is typically because of the lack of a proper way to light them. Luckily there are a few options you can consider that will help make the space feel more comfortable.

Begin with research
When it comes down to finding the right bulb for your basement, each kind have their own advantages and disadvantages. Florescent bulbs are the leaders in energy efficiency but they give off a harsh white light that is reminiscent of warehouses. Incandescent bulbs are popular for the bright, warm light they produce, but they’re energy inefficient and often short-lived. When picking the bulb that is perfect you, always think about what sort of atmosphere you’re trying to create and always try to be environmentally-friendly!

Make it feel natural
Nothing beats natural light, but since there typically isn’t any available. Think of creative ways to work around it. Reddit user thatbeagoodbandname impressed DIY fans everywhere with a genius fake window that she created herself. It’s made of curtains, glass, and LED Plant Grow Lights that actually help plants to grow – check it out!