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Your Safety During Home Renovation Projects

While home renovation can be an exciting way to achieve the house of your dreams, your safety is crucial during the process. Home renovation or improvement can cause a number of accidents if not planned properly. Here are some safety guidelines to follow during the renovation process:

First Aid Kit

Have a fully organized first aid kit at your disposal at all times. Bumps and scratches can be nuisances during home renovation projects and taking care of them immediately will ensure they heal quicker.

Safety Accessories

Make sure to add safety accessories in your shopping list. Safety glasses are great protection for your eyes and earplugs help to avoid ear damage when operating loud machinery.

Read the Manual

There’s a reason almost every appliance has a manual guide that comes with it. Follow instructions, not intuition. The manufacturer is more knowledgeable about the product and following the guidelines will ensure a safe process and effective end result.

Clean Workspace

A clean and well-maintained workspace highly contributes to your safety. Make sure to store power tools, sharp objects, or any other dangerous materials on high shelves out of child’s reach. You may even keep them in a locked cabinet. Also, make sure your workspace is well-lit!

Your safety is crucial when undertaking any renovation project and it’s important to ensure the safety of the people working with you as well.

Steps in Carpet Installation

Installing a new carpet not only increases the beauty of a room but provides insulation, sound control, and a comfortable surface to walk on. The steps involved in carpet installation include:

Measure and Clean

The first thing to do is to measure the length and width of the room where the carpet needs to be installed. After noting the size of the room, clean and vacuum the room clean.

Tackless Strips

With the help of a strip cutter, cut and install the tackless strips across threshold and doorways. They will be used to stabilize the carpet. Make sure not to walk on them as they can hurt your feet.

Roll the Carpet

Lay out the carpet pad perpendicular to the direction you plan to install the carpet and staple it near the tackless strips with a staple hammer.


Using a utility knife, cut away the padding along the interior edge of the strip. You may cut away any excess carpet as well but leave about 3” extra next to the walls. The excess can then be attached to the edges of the room for a clearer and better carpet room makeover.

Perfect Finish

Once the carpet is installed, cut out the vent openings and attach shoe molding around the room if desired.

How to Create a Home Gym

Going to the gym can become really easy and cheap if you renovate an unused room into a home gym. Home gyms are great additions and tend to increase your home value. Having a small space where you can work out after a long tiring day is perfect rather than going to a paid gym.


Choosing to have the gym on the ground floor is the best option. This helps in installing gym equipment, and heavy machines such as treadmills are better on the ground floor. Maybe your garage can become your new gym if you cannot find a small room!


Although having a home gym can be cost-effective, you still need to invest in gym equipment and renovation. For instance, the cost of converting a garage (including heating, lighting, and flooring) will be around $5,000 – $10,000.


Choosing the right equipment will vary on what you want to achieve. If you’re looking to increase your strength, then various pulleys, bars, and levers will be the right option for you. On the other hand, treadmill and exercise bikes are great for cardio, and exercise balls and rollers are advisable for flexibility.


The last step to consider is the wall. You may choose to install mirrors all around the room or in a particular section of the room. Music speakers are great additions as well as insulating the room.

Door Trim Ideas You Need to Try

Door trimming is an intricate and detailed process involving accurate designing. Some ideas for door trimming includes:

Clean Colonial

As one of the most traditional designs, this type of trimming dates back to the Colonial American era. This style of designing ensures a smooth door which is broad and flat with little decoration, and is mitered at the corners. The bottoms of the side casings can be finished with plinth blocks.


This type of door is unique with its strong lines, low embellishment, and natural wood. A wider casing at the top is usually used rather than along the sides.


This is the most common and easy door trim design. This classic door has a rosette, fluted casing, and plinth blocks. Although this increases the class of your home, this door trim is, however, overbearing and inappropriate in houses with a cleaner, more modern style. This type of door has 2 rosette blocks at the top, 2 plinth blocks at the bottom, and 3 fluted casings on the side. This is also one of the most costly doors to make.

Door trimming adds originality and increases your home’s aesthetics. Although it can be a great DIY project, a professional should be consulted or hired for a perfect finish. The latter will also provide his knowledge and experience to ensure your door is looking good.

Tips for a Stress-Free Bedroom Renovation

While planning a bedroom remodel project, we all want that the job is done well and in a stress-free manner. I have listed some tips below which helped me when I was doing my renovation.


Like any other makeover, the first rule is to clear the air by sorting out your mess. A great portion of the makeover is to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in order to create space for useful stuff. Even though you love reading, do youreally need many books by the side of your bed? I guess the answer isclearly “No”. Why don’t you invest in a bookshelf or donate thebooks which you are not going to read again?

Since yourcloset is in your room itself, why don’t you seize the opportunityand get rid of all the clothes which you feeling bad to throw away?Give away all your clothes which you will not wear anymore.

2.Paint your walls out

Painting a bedroom is cheap and fast.Always choose a color which matches your personality. Try hard tofind that perfect color which will bring out the exact ambiance whichyou have been planning for your new bedroom. Cozy, warm, dark,electric – trust me, there are thousands of colors you can choosefrom. If you don’t like the first color, you can always paint overit.

3. Hang Art

Are you an artistic person?Well renovating your bedroom gives you tremendous opportunities tobring out the artist within you. The bedroom is the perfect place todisplay artworks which are dear to you. Whether it is your kid’sdrawing, painting or a sculpture, make the most of the wall spacewhich you have freed. If you prefer a clean space, you can opt tohang only one or two pieces of art. Else, you can fill your wallswith whatever you want.

4. Choose appropriate lighting

When you walk into a room, you can identify howwell designed the room is by the choice of lighting used. If yourroom uses a lot of electricity, you can consider buying a dimmer,that ways you can regulate your lightning to avoid straining of youreyes. You can as well invest into some table lamps, which you can usewhen you need only a specific place to light up. You need to look forlamps which will match your furniture as well.

How to Plan a Bedroom Renovation

You spend 1/3 of our life sleeping in our bedroom, so why don’t we create a peaceful and organized place to get better sleep. A disorganized and untidy room makes it tough to relax as your mind concentrates only on the mess. It also makes you lazy to wake up in the morning. You cannot enjoy the quality and snuggling time with your pets or kids if your bedroom is in a depressing mode.

That is why we are here to help you with the bedroom remodeling project which you have been postponing for years. Nowadays, bedrooms remodel have become affordable projects, all you need to do is to use a little bit of your imagination and you will have the bedroom of your dreams.

Questions to ask yourself before indulging into a bedroom remodeling project

What do I need to change in your bedroom?

First of all, you need to ask yourself questions about what can you change in order to make yourself happier. Is your room too dark? Are noises from the street disturbing you? Note all the changes that will make you more relaxed in your bedroom.

What is your style?

The style is a very personalized subject as everyone has got their own style. What is yours? How do you want your bedroom to be? Do you opt for a bright and airy bedroom or a dark one? It is better to choose a style at the beginning rather than being confused afterward.
What do you want to personalize in your bedroom?

Always choose components which are going to match your everyday routine and habits so that it does not get difficult for you to cope with a new setting.

What is the use of the remodel project of your bedroom?

What are you going to use your bedroom for? Are you going to sleep more or using it as an office as well? How about getting your own home cinema in your bedroom? If you are going to use your bedroom for other activities than only sleeping, you need to create the proper atmosphere. Take some time to meditate on what kind of bedroom you really want to spend your time in.

It is important to ask yourself those question before embarking on the journey of bedroom remodeling. Since the bedroom is an important part of the house, it is vital to plan it properly.

Things to consider before A Kitchen Remodel Project

Undertaking a kitchen remodeling project can be quite stressful that is why it is necessary to sit with a professional and carefully plan your project. If you are considering to renovate your kitchen, it will be good to browse through the internet and get some ideas about what kind of kitchen you need and if you have appropriate space for it. When I had planned my kitchen renovation, I went through a lot of trouble at first and things were not appearing to be as I expected. The whole process was very stressful as things were going completely out of the budget. That’s is why I am listing 3 most important things that anyone should ponder upon before planning a kitchen remodel.

Whether you have already been through ideas and samples or in the beginning stages to have your space measured, I would suggest that you take a step back and consider the bigger picture of a house renovation project. There are a lot of factors that we should consider . Read to learn more about them.

How much your project is going to cost?

Costing is never something interesting to discuss, but unfortunately, it is one of the most important things to discuss. Sometimes people tend to go beyond their budget when they undertake a new project which can later become a problem. That is why it is better to be realists and discuss the cost of a kitchen remodeling project so that you can have an idea of how much you are willing to spend on it. We all want our kitchen to be trendy and classy but do you really have a lot of money to spend on it?

You can call a professional for advice as how much your house costs and how the kitchen will add value to it. You can browse through the internet and magazines to get an idea of the design and cost. If you are tight in terms of budget, you might consider getting a home equity loan. Always explore financing options for your furniture and electrical appliances. You can as well save a lot of money by doing some of the jobs yourself.

Calculating your space

Space is the fundamental need when it comes to remodeling a kitchen area. Before you decide on smashing any wall to add some extra space, it is necessary to sit down and think whether it is necessary to add on or you can renovate without adding on space. Let’s be honest here, creating the extra space costs money. If you have the funding, you can opt for the knocking out of the walls, else you can save the money to get yourself some quality cabinets or trendy appliances. The decision is all yours. First of all, you need to sit down and review the main objective behind your kitchen renovation project. If you still want spaces, you might consider checking out all the rooms from which you might steal some extra square footage such as bathrooms or laundry room. Most importantly, make sure that you discuss your project with a professional kitchen remodeler. A good space planning will save you from future troubles.

Leave your existing layout intact

When you are planning a kitchen remodel, the best way to save money is to keep your kitchen’s current layout intact. That does not mean that you cannot replace your cabinets or change their location. I meant that you leave all your major systems such as plumbing, electric and gas intact. In that way, you will not have to pay for electrician or plumber. Rearranging your major systems will result into extra water lines for refrigerators and sink, moving gas piping, adding wiring and other major expenses.

Appliance size and style

Before buying any cabinets or appliance, it is wise to measure the size of the space available in your kitchen. If you choose a large range of appliances, you will need additional construction to accommodate it. Make a list of all appliances that you need and window shop to get an idea of the size and how much is it going to cost you. You might as well discuss with a professional to get a better overview.

Brighten up your kitchen

A great lighting plan can make a major difference in your kitchen. If you still have that one of two ceiling lights and a tiny window near the sink, well it is time to upgrade! You can replace your windows with larger ones, that way you will be receiving more sunlight. Make use of layers of light like undercabinet lights, chandelier or pendant fixtures. It will create more efficient and you will have more lighting options. Make sure that you place your switches at convenient and easily accessible places such as at each entrance which leads to your space.

Have you considered creating reading nook?

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Whether it is winter or summer, nothing beats being curled up with a book. Books have the power to keep you entertained for hours on end, but that is if you have the perfect spot to read in.

The Seat
There are a lot of options, you can consider when choosing the seat for your nook: a big fluffy chair, a bench, a bunch of pillows scattered on the floor, or a beanbag. The only thing you should remember is that this seat should be comfortable enough for you to spend hours in.

The Light
Another important criteria to consider is achieving the perfect lighting. If you’re a daytime reader, make sure you pick a spot that benefits from direct sunlight. For nighttime reading, ensure that your seat is set close to plug so you can easily connect a lamp or directly underneath a light fixture.

The Atmosphere
Once you’ve got the seat and light handled, all you have to do is make the space your own. Decorate according to your taste, display your favorite books, or even isolate the space with a canopy.

There are a number of ways you can create the perfect reading nook, you just have to use your imagination!

Bringing Light to Your Basement

Basements have a reputation for being dark, musky spaces without any air where all the things you don’t want to meet congregate. And this is typically because of the lack of a proper way to light them. Luckily there are a few options you can consider that will help make the space feel more comfortable.

Begin with research
When it comes down to finding the right bulb for your basement, each kind have their own advantages and disadvantages. Florescent bulbs are the leaders in energy efficiency but they give off a harsh white light that is reminiscent of warehouses. Incandescent bulbs are popular for the bright, warm light they produce, but they’re energy inefficient and often short-lived. When picking the bulb that is perfect you, always think about what sort of atmosphere you’re trying to create and always try to be environmentally-friendly!

Make it feel natural
Nothing beats natural light, but since there typically isn’t any available. Think of creative ways to work around it. Reddit user thatbeagoodbandname impressed DIY fans everywhere with a genius fake window that she created herself. It’s made of curtains, glass, and LED Plant Grow Lights that actually help plants to grow – check it out!

How to Hang Your Own Wallpaper

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Wall paper is an easy and effective way to revamp the appearance of any room, and if you know how to do hang it up yourself it can be quite cost-effective! With a little patience and attention to detail, anyone can hang up their own wallpaper.

1. Getting the walls ready
If you have wallpaper already attached, you’ll want to begin with a guide to easy removals. Once that is out of the way, get rid of any dirt or dust from the old walls and sand smooth any chipped paint. Use a putty knife to apply spackle over cracks and holes, and sand the area once it has dried. When the wall is good condition, prime the drywall with sealer to help the wallpaper adhere.

2. Pick a starting point
With every new roll of paper, you’ll be starting with a new pattern. To ensure that the mismatch isn’t too visible, plan where you will begin according to where the wallpaper will end. Ideally they should cover an entire wall, starting an ending in each corner. But if that is not manageable, try having the paper end behind a curtain, or behind a door. As long as you don’t have too many seams on the wall that acts as the focal point of your room, the wallpaper should look well-placed.

3. Cut and prepare the wallpaper
Always lay the wallpaper face down on a flat surface before cutting the paper. Measure and cut the paper with a few extra inches on the top and bottom (this will be trimmed off later). Cut a few more strips, that will correspond with the pattern on the previous strip and keep them labeled. Once you have got the wallpaper cut, either activate the paper by soaking in it room temperature water, or apply wallpaper paste if the wall paper is unpasted.

4. Hang the wallpaper
Start from the ceiling and work your way down, slowly unrolling the paper and smoothing it out using your hands. You can also use a seam roller to gently smooth out the edges of the wallpaper. Trim any excess paper using a utility knife or straight-edge razor.

Choosing wallpapers is a crucial step in redecorating or renovating your home. You may ask advice or help from a professional if you face any difficulties and are looking to achieve that perfect finish!

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