Whether it is winter or summer, nothing beats being curled up with a book. Books have the power to keep you entertained for hours on end, but that is if you have the perfect spot to read in.

The Seat
There are a lot of options, you can consider when choosing the seat for your nook: a big fluffy chair, a bench, a bunch of pillows scattered on the floor, or a beanbag. The only thing you should remember is that this seat should be comfortable enough for you to spend hours in.

The Light
Another important criteria to consider is achieving the perfect lighting. If you’re a daytime reader, make sure you pick a spot that benefits from direct sunlight. For nighttime reading, ensure that your seat is set close to plug so you can easily connect a lamp or directly underneath a light fixture.

The Atmosphere
Once you’ve got the seat and light handled, all you have to do is make the space your own. Decorate according to your taste, display your favorite books, or even isolate the space with a canopy.

There are a number of ways you can create the perfect reading nook, you just have to use your imagination!