As seen in our previous post: Homemyinfo Has Selected the 5 Best Foam Mattresses for You, choosing between comfort zones, density, treatments, associated box spring, guarantee… there are numerous criteria to be taken into account when selecting a foam mattress. Homemyinfo reviews them for you below.

Polyester or Polyurethane Foam

With a density rarely higher than 30 kg/m3, the polyester foam has a somewhat limited lifespan; the mattress often begins to collapse after 3- 4 years. The polyester foam mattress is, therefore, best suited for occasional use. Polyurethane foam, also known as high resilience foam, has the advantage of immediately recovering its shape once there is no longer any pressure on it.

The Density

The higher it is per cubic meter, the more it guarantees the durability of the foam mattress. If less than 25 kg, it is therefore reserved for cribs and extra beds.

Shape Memory Foam

To be eligible for this designation, the density of the foam must not be less than 55 kg/m3. And the higher it is, the more durable the shape memory foam mattress will be.

Possible Comfort Zones

Some foam mattresses can have 3 comfort zones (back, head and shoulders, thighs, and feet), 5 or even 7 zones for people suffering from back pain or joint pain.

The Treatments

Many foam mattresses have received an anti-dust mite treatment to reduce the risk of allergies. Anti-bacterial and anti-mold, they also reduce the risk of unpleasant odors.

The Size

Your foam mattress should be about 15 cm longer than your waist to ensure a comfortable bed.

The Box Spring


A foam mattress is ideal to combine with a slatted bed base, which will support it while allowing it to aerate.

The Guarantee

Some warranties extend up to 10 years or more and are a good indication of the durability of the foam mattress.

Foam Mattresses: Advantages and Disadvantages

If the foam mattress has been enjoyed for many years, it is because its advantages are undeniable.

The Foam Mattress Offers a Good Price/Quality Ratio

You can choose between soft or firm support, according to your tastes and morphology, the first one is more suitable for thin people.

Depending on the density of the mattress, which, however, increases the price, the foam mattress can be used as a shape memory (from 55 kg/m3). It then reduces compression points and provides better alignment of the spine, treating and preventing many lumbar and joint problems.

However, some disadvantages must be taken into account.

First price foam mattresses are often of low density, for longevity that is just as low.

The elasticity of the foam mattress, which allows it to adapt to the sleeper’s morphology, is less than that of a latex mattress.

Hope the above helps you out in choosing your Foam Mattress. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to request more information in the comment section below.