It’s time for you to change your mattress, and you’re thinking about choosing a foam model? While we spend almost a third of our time sleeping, this choice is far from insignificant! To help you do this, Homemyinfo has established its top 5 best foam mattresses based not only on their strengths but also on the notes and opinions of Internet users who have had sweet dreams.

1. Naturalex Mattress: Supratex

Qualified as comfortable by its users, this mattress offers soft support. It consists of a layer of memory foam with very open cellular pores to improve air circulation and moisture evacuation. Its core (the heart of the mattress), made of latex and polyurethane with a density of 35 kg/m3, provides excellent support for the body. All covered with an ecological cotton coutil (its outer shell) enriched with natural aloe vera extracts, known for its soothing and naturally anti-mite properties. Flat: its intense chemical smell, which takes a long time to disappear.

2. Foam Mattress Made in France: Abeil Cold Foam Mattress

Users of this foam mattress appreciate its French construction and firm padding. It is made of cold foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, i.e., a polyurethane foam that is not manufactured at high temperature, thus allowing it to keep a cellular structure open for proper mattress breathing and excellent moisture absorption. Another asset highlighted: its removable and washable cover at 60°. However, some users regret that it does not have handles and is too firm.

3. Foam Mattress with a Good Price/Quality Ratio: Golden Dream Foam Mattress

This polyurethane foam mattress is much appreciated for its reasonable price/quality ratio: it is firm while remaining comfortable and offering excellent support. Besides, it does not deform too quickly over time. Its users also appreciate its hypoallergenic cotton ticking and its anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatments. Also noteworthy: its lightness, which makes it easy to handle. Some users complain that its finishes are not up to the level even while comparing them with its low price for its dimensions (140×90 cm).

4. Foam Mattress That Combines Firmness and Flexibility: Foam AirSistem Ergo-Therapy

With its 2 cm of shape memory foam (density 65 kg/m3), which is used to mold the body according to weight, and its 14 cm (28 kg/m3) foam core, this mattress combines for most of its users’ firmness of support and soft reception. Other assets highlighted: the aesthetics of its fabric and its Sanitized ® treatment, which fights both bacteria and fungus spores, also reducing the development of odors. Some people find it a little too firm, however, while it is presented as soft.

5. Low-Cost Foam Mattress: Direct Mattress Star

With a density of 25 kg/m3 and a thickness of 15 cm, this inexpensive mattress is considered comfortable but is best suited for teenagers or an extra bed. Its users love its breathable and thermo-regulable stretch fabric at body temperature, as well as its anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold treatments. However, many people draw attention to the difference between the displayed dimensions of the mattress and the actual dimensions, which can be up to 4 cm longer.

Finally, you would like to compare the best foam mattresses and the criteria for choosing the right one for your needs. When selecting a foam mattress, the criteria to be taken into account are numerous. Between density, comfort zones, treatments, associated box spring, guarantee… Homemyinfo summarizes them for you in this interesting post: Criteria for Choosing the Right Foam Mattress.