You live in a suburban house with an 80s timber kitchen, apricot tiles in your bathroom and a laundry as spacious as a tin of sardines. Your house is definitely screaming for a renovation. Just when you start to think about a home remodeling, the dark thoughts come. The same old nightmares cycle around your brain again and again.

Let’s face it: almost everyone has heard stories about horrible contractor experience, workers not showing up for days and worst, demolishing the wrong wall. Today, reality shows are even making fortunes by showcasing these bad experiences. So it’s only normal for you to dread the thought of enduring a home renovation.

But, do you really want to live in a space with no character except for some crown molding? Do you really want to keep those layers of wallpaper with damaged plaster walls behind them? Don’t you want to remodel those rotten windows?

I know it’s tough to start something when you are filled with fears. However, amidst these shady unlicensed scamming contractors, there are some good ones out there. I would only ask you not to hold yourself back due to fear. Fear is a natural human instinct that will keep you stalled and prevent you from moving into a great success.

Remember that all industries have their fair share of incomplete projects, budget blowouts and dodgy tradespeople, but there are still stories about great success. So, take a deep breath and read on the common remodeling dears that you need to overcome.

#1. I Will Become An Exile In My Own Home

I Will Become An Exile In My Own Home

We all know how it goes. When there is renovation in your house, there is no limit on the number of workers that come in and go out of your house. It makes sense to think that as your home will most by occupied by strangers, your daily routine will be shot to hell.

However, that’s not what we heard from 90 % of successful renovation clients. They claimed that despite the renovation, you would be able to live comfortably and the key is proper planning and preparation.

#2. I’m Afraid I Will Hire A Crook

I’m Afraid I Will Hire A Crook

Many homeowners struggle with this inner battle when it comes to hiring contractors.

You see, if you listen to others’ stories, watch the television or read the newspaper, you will undoubtedly come across fraudulent contractors who have taken advantage of naïve homeowners and ripped them off.

You could either fight against your fear, stay positive and hire a good contractor after carrying out a thorough research. Or, compel yourself to take a different approach: the DIY method.

#3. I Will Have To Live In A Filth Pit

I Will Have To Live In A Filth Pit

It’s a no-brainer: there will be dust, the clutter of power tools and building materials and even some takeout food containers lying around. This doesn’t mean that your once clean, neat and smooth-running household is gone forever.

If you go through the renovation phase with proper planning, you will be able to protect your stuff and valuables and maintain a clean and orderly space.

#4. I Won’t Get What I Want

I Won’t Get What I Want

Fear of disappointment is much more complex as it can hold you back from this important home project. It explains why many homeowners are still stuck at the first phase of decision-making.

While you are getting ready to invest in remodeling, you can’t stop thinking of all the disappointments and failures waiting on the other side.

You are scared your house won’t look that great with polished concrete. Or, you won’t get that master bedroom. Your kitchen was not ready for vinyl flooring. And so on….

If you don’t want your fear to become procrastination, acknowledge it and try to create a step-by-step plan to get what you want out of this renovation project.

What is your biggest fear when it comes to home renovations?