The last time we talked about renophobia –the fear of home renovation – we identified the common symptoms of this phobia. Today, we’ll get into how to overcome it. 


Do You Suffer From Renophobia?

Do you suffer from renophobia?A person who suffers from an intense fear whenever they see or think about water can be diagnosed with aquaphobia. Similarly, there are certain symptoms that can determine if you have renophobia or not. 

I Will Become an Exile


Once you hire a renovation contractor, the latter will come with several workers who will constantly move in and out of your house. It’s very normal then to fear that your home or rather your personal space will be infested with a lot of strangers. However, according to 80-90 % of renovation clients that were questioned, you’ll still be able to live happily and safely in your home without feeling like an exile.


What if I Hire a Crook?


Renovation isn’t stressful, but there’s a common reason that makes it stressful and that can create that renovation fear in you: fraudulent contractors. 


When it comes to renovation, the most common and classic red flag is dishonest renovation contractors. Throughout your life, you might have heard stories or watched TV shows where contractors took a down payment and then disappeared or when they didn’t pay suppliers for the materials so they all lined up your house. And, the worst fear of most homeowners is renovation contractors who do the work but do it in a very poor workman-like manner. 


You see, the world is filled with crooks as people on earth are always looking for shortcuts. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good contractors out there. 


It’ll Be a Filth Pit


When a house is going through a renovation phase, there’s no denying that there will be a clutter of tools and equipment, building materials, dust as well as take-out food containers lying in every corner of the house. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stay in this “filth pit” forever. Once the renovation is over, you’ll be surprised at your home’s clean and brand-new look. 


I’ll Be Disappointed


One of the underlying causes of renophobia is the fear of disappointment. There are indeed many cases where homeowners have invested a lot in their renovation home projects only to end up with failures. 


Naturally, when you’ll be starting a home project, you’ll be exposed to the fear of not getting what you want or what you invested for. But, isn’t life all bout taking risks?


How To Overcome Your Fear of Renovations?

How To Overcome Your Fear of Renovations?Do You Have Enough Money?

Renovating a house can be as unpredictable as building one; unexpected issues can come up during the renovation process and you will have to pay the cost of that unexpected issue. This is what many homeowners fear the most: unexpected issues that can keep adding zeros to their budgets. 


Following the pandemic, the cost of both labor and material worldwide has increased significantly. If you want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or your entire house, make sure you have enough money for it. 


Can You Make Good Decisions?


If you are an over-thinker who suffers from chronic anxiety as well as chronic decision anxiety issues, making decisions about an important house project like renovation is not recommended. 


Renovation is a process that does not only include workmanship, but also lots of decisions; what color to paint the walls; where to hang the kitchen chandelier; how to choose the focal point of the living room. You might be the homeowner, but if you know you are bad at making good decisions or you can’t handle the whole decision-making process, it’s better to rely on someone who can – it could be a close family member or a close friend.