New Trend in 2022: Provencal Kitchen Style


 – What is a Provencal kitchen?

 – Which furniture for a Provencal style kitchen?

 – Wallcoverings for a Provencal kitchen

 – Floor coverings for a Provencal kitchen

 – Textiles and curtains for a Provencal kitchen

 – Decorating tip: make a tea towel

The style and decoration of a kitchen are a matter of taste and family. Provençal, modern, rustic or classic, treat yourself by choosing the atmosphere that best suits you! 

What is a Provencal kitchen?

The Provençal atmosphere is between the ancient and the modern. White, lavender-blue, yellow, and green are the colors to give a Provencal style to your kitchen or, more broadly, a Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the motifs or culinary objects to be favored, you will find the garlic, the sunflower, the cicada, the olive … Indeed, braids of garlic, bunches of lavender, or sunflowers will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your kitchen.

Also, I prefer a dish decorated with these patterns.

What furniture for a Provencal style kitchen?

Provencal Kitchen Style

Several types of furniture are possible for this Provencal decor:

 – White furniture with a lavender blue or golden yellow border will clarify the room.

 – The doors can be rectangular or half-moon-shaped to create a hearth-like impression.

 – A large solid wood table with a thick white ceruse top will sit in the middle of the kitchen.

 – Farm benches will frame it.

If the location does not allow for a large table, choose a round one surrounded by 4 plush, white chairs mulched with chair covers with cicada motifs on a yellow background. The backs will then be made of turned arched bars, and the legs will, of course, be white.

Think also of the corner furniture which allows you to save a considerable space! This furniture can be high, in one piece, and glazed. It will match the other furniture in the kitchen.

Wallcoverings for a Provencal kitchen

For a Provençal style kitchen, you can afford matte adhesive paper with the designs mentioned above:

 – These adhesive papers are washable at will.

 However, be careful to remove any air bubbles by smoothing the adhesive paper with your finger.

 If you have a persistent bubble, take a pin and pierce the bubble by any chance.

If you own your home, don’t hesitate to put white tiles on the walls, except on the wall where the cooking area and worktop are located. Separate the walls with a frieze with olive motifs on a yellow background to bring color.

Do not hesitate to choose to tile the worktop and the cooking area, which are usually siding, with a fresco with a lavender bouquet, for example. You can find these friezes in large DIY stores.

The ceiling will be white and satin. Avoid anything dark or red, or brown.

Slates to write down your shopping list will be good as a little extra to hang on the wall, especially if it is decorated with magnetic cicadas.

Floor coverings for a Provencal kitchen

For the floor, several possibilities are available to you to create a Provençal decoration:

 – white tiles; common but effective, and in this case, it will be grouted with cement joint added water and ochre pigments;

 – flamed tiles (which are not a solid color), grouted in white;

 – or terracotta tiles with white baseboards as a reminder of the furniture.

In any case, here again, avoid carpets and rugs.

Textiles and curtains for a Provencal kitchen

You can afford the white curtains with openwork patterns, which are very lightly colored in solid panels, for a successful Provencal style. You will fix these curtains on a white rod that will be discreet.

You can complement these curtains with thicker curtains in cotton, for example, and the colors of the entire kitchen.

Side kitchen linen:

 – The table linen (tablecloth) can be overloaded with patterns to contrast with the furniture and tiles.

 – Napkins should preferably be plain yellow or blue.

 – The tea towels will match the rest of the kitchen linen.

Decorating tip: make a tea towel

What if you decided to make your tea towels? Nothing could be easier:

 – In a piece of fabric with Provencal patterns or plain yellow, purple, or lavender-blue as many rectangles of 69 × 54 cm.

 – With the help of a sewing machine, sew each piece of fabric in a zigzag stitch.

 – Fold over each edge of a rectangle twice and 1 cm to hide the zigzag stitch.

 – Press the edges to mark the hem and then sew the edges of the dishcloth in a straight stitch.

Hope this helps! Remember to write your comments below.