4 Must Have of Your English-Style Kitchen


– What is an English-style kitchen?

– Which furniture to choose for an English-style kitchen?

– Wall coverings for an English-style kitchen

– Floor coverings for an English kitchen

– Textiles and curtains for an English kitchen

– The most deco

The English kitchen offers a cozy charm to your room. English style kitchen, design, Provencal, or even natural, you will find many kitchen styles. It’s up to you to see which one corresponds the most to your personality.

What is an English-style kitchen?

The English or British-inspired kitchen used to be governed by two principles: dark wood stacked furniture and endless roses.

Today, things have changed. Rough and aged wood has been replaced by white, roses are still a favorite motif, and red has also taken a prominent place in the kitchen of our European neighbors.

Here are the main rules for successful English kitchen decoration:

– There are few bright colors in English kitchens: the tones must be sober and pastel.

– The furniture lines are incredibly refined, and the kitchens are practical and orderly.

– Wrought iron has also taken its place discreetly in the form of lights or shelves.

– Fine china and carefully patterned plates are placed on the shelves, primarily as part of a collection.

– Animals can replace the porcelain as long as they are from the same family: cats, geese, pigs…

You’ve got it; it’s time for light, style, controlled fantasy, and pragmatism.

1. What furniture to choose for an English kitchen?

4 Must Have of Your English-Style Kitchen


White predominates for kitchen furniture inspired by the English style:

– Bring dining room furniture into your kitchen, like a white enfilade cabinet embellished with cornices with two high glass doors and two low solid doors.

– You will stock a pantry cabinet with screened doors to keep the look of depth with dishes and table linens.

– The white (appliances) will remain visible.

– A white table will, in all cases, be covered with floral tablecloths.

– The chairs surrounding it will be composed of stylized backs and fluted for the seat. Avoid chair cushions and flat benches.

Finally, cross-stitch or counted stitch in paintings or friezes of furniture interiors can be the best effect if the colors remain pale and not predominant.

2. Wall coverings for an English kitchen

4 Must Have of Your English-Style Kitchen


The must at the moment is to mix colors:

– Go for a neutral color like white for two opposite walls and rosewood for the other two walls.

– One of the walls painted white should be the one where the door is located and the second opposite.

– Against the white walls can be placed the furniture, and the rosewood should remain very visible.

– The latter can be furnished with a jumble of stylized white frame to hang all the important notes or wrought iron shelves with white tops to contrast with the color.

In all cases and whatever your chosen color, the paints should be satin and not glossy.

The ceiling will remain clear (it can be cream) to maintain the room.

3. Floor coverings for an English kitchen

On the floor, there are several choices for an English-inspired style:

– A light beech wood floor will look best. It will gently brighten the room while giving it a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

– For a rented apartment, choose a self-adhesive or pinkish-white lino floor by the meter that will combine the two wall colors without being in bad taste.

– A raw tile (40 × 40 cm) in light terracotta can also be installed for easy maintenance, but in this case, it will be necessary to adapt the color of the walls, avoid the rosewood and replace it with two cream walls.

Textiles and curtains for an English kitchen

White and red curtains will adorn the two-winged windows:

– They will be hung on a simple white wooden rod without fancy tips.

– Whether they are in single or double panels, they will not be attached with tiebacks.

The curtains, matching the table linen, will be gathered and held by metal tiebacks in the shape of roses.

Whatever the table you have chosen, round or square, you will permanently cover it with a rose-patterned tablecloth: whether the background is moon blue (a variety of blue-gray), white or other, the roses should be pale with a hint of red.

Placemats are also essential during meals. These will be plain.

4. The most deco

A true English-inspired kitchen involves dishes passed down from generation to generation.

If this is not the case for you, you can find complete sets in flea markets or attics (otherwise, they would not be sold in these places), but aesthetically matched to your atmosphere.

If you are a purist, there is nothing to stop you from hunting for a complete service in antique shops.

In any case, be sure to match the colors of the dishes to your kitchen: red china with red English decoration, etc.