New Trends 2022: Rustic Kitchen Styles


– The different styles of the rustic kitchen

– How to rejuvenate your rustic kitchen if it is old?

– How much does a rustic kitchen cost?

Is the rustic kitchen for you synonymous with dark oak, doors with gendarme hat moldings, old-fashioned tiles? You should know that since the 1970s, this style has evolved. This post shows you the charm of the new rustic kitchen and how to bring yours up to date if you don’t have the budget to change it.

The different styles of the rustic kitchen

If, for you, the rustic kitchen stopped in the last century and reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen, forget your preconceptions! The rustic style has been able to change and adapt to current tastes. We can now distinguish several trends in the rustic kitchen.

The traditional country kitchen

Still well suited to classic homes, the traditional rustic kitchen has changed by adopting light to medium wood tones and forgetting about the tiled worktop: a raw wood top regularly treated with a suitable oil or wood-colored laminate. Other possibilities are more luxurious: marble, bluestone, or enameled lava.

This type of kitchen is equipped with black or white appliances and an earthenware sink. The furniture always has moldings, rather hollow, and the handles are in brass or stainless steel, in a traditional shape.

The credenza is composed of tiles, so it is possible to mix colors in a Harlequin style to give it more cheerfulness. The floor is tiled with natural stone, preferably with large format tiles or cabochons.

The rustic country chic kitchen

The style is resolutely rejuvenated with ceramic or light wood, in oak or maple, with a matching worktop or waxed concrete.

A contemporary stone sink set on a low cabinet replaces the traditional sink. The colors chosen for the rest of the decoration are bright or pastel: we like red and green, but also pink and pale blue, which we can choose for some of the appliances, like a refrigerator with retro lines. We play on white associated with wood, with natural materials such as rattan and bamboo for the accessories.

The floor is tiled in natural tones, but you can also adopt an oiled or glazed parquet or a laminate designed for wet rooms.

This type of kitchen is particularly suitable for charming houses, in the country or in the city, to which we want to bring a little softness without looking old-fashioned.

The rustic “Shabby chic” style kitchen

rustic kitchen

White is the dominant color in this style imported from Great Britain.

– The floor is made of grey stone or light-colored parquet, such as maple.

– The worktop is white or gray. The credenza is made of white tiles, sometimes decorated with brown cabochons.

– The appliances and the sink are white.

– The dining area comprises a white or light wood table, which you can combine with Thonet bistro-style chairs or Tolix® zinc-colored metal chairs because the “Shabby chic” kitchen likes to mix with the industrial style. Nothing should clash with the eye.

Everything is accessorized with objects, textiles, and decorative details in a declination of off-white, beige, and brown. Linen, possibly embroidered, is chosen for the curtains and seat cushions.

This is a kitchen style that you can adopt in a classic house, a house in the countryside, or even an apartment in the city.

How to rejuvenate your rustic kitchen if it is old?

If you have a rustic kitchen in the 1970s, the furniture is of good quality and in good condition, and you have neither the budget nor the desire to change everything, it is simple to rejuvenate it at a low cost.

The furniture

We paint it, or we sand it. You can choose between these 2 techniques, the fastest being, without a doubt, painting, especially if you choose a multi-support or resin-type paint that does not require sanding. You can paint it white, in the “Shabby Chic” style, which will give a great luminosity to your room; but if you find this style a bit sappy, opt for a light gray, and even a darker gray, or even a black that will transport your kitchen directly into the 21st century. It’s a bold but beautiful choice and will take your room out of the mundane.

If you have solid wood furniture, you can sand them to expose the wood and then polish it.

You can also change the handles of the furniture, choosing brass or stainless steel elements according to your taste.

The sink and faucets

Changing the sink and faucets for more contemporary models is always a good idea to rejuvenate a kitchen. The sink can be white, earthenware, or resin. You should avoid stainless steel as it does not perfectly fit the rustic style, even if rejuvenated. This metal will be reserved for the faucets. You can choose old-fashioned shapes, with porcelain knobs indicating hot and cold: faucets with a retro look but contemporary qualities.


Changing appliances for new models give an immediate facelift to an old kitchen and allows you to benefit from the latest technological advances. Gas cooktops are often found in rustic kitchens, but nothing prevents you from choosing an induction cooktop. 

If you have the budget, investing in a cooktop with large burners and stainless steel or enameled metal front will give your kitchen a luxurious and professional look.

Worktop and credenza

You can keep the tiled credenza and, if its color does not suit you, paint it with a renovation resin.

As for the worktop, the tiled one may be pretty, but it is difficult to maintain and unhygienic with its joints that get dirty. There are two options for renovating it: change it for an oiled or laminated wood worktop, or even a marble one, or cover it with mineral concrete, which can also be laid on the credenza if you don’t like tiles.

The floor

If you don’t want a tiled floor, you can use PVC (in rolls, strips, or tiles) adapted to tiled floors, whose sole is thick enough so that you won’t see the memories of the tile joints after a few months.

It is also possible to use a special laminate for wet rooms or paint the tiles with epoxy-type paint adapted to tiled floors.

If you find some work difficult, such as changing a work surface or plumbing work, professionals can help you finish your project after a detailed estimate.

How much does a rustic kitchen cost?

The rustic kitchen is back in fashion. You can find it in different models, often under the name “country kitchen”, more current, in kitchen shops, in DIY stores with a kitchen section, in stores of furniture in the kit, and on the Internet. Some sites also have 3D simulators that allow you to make your plans, visualize your kitchen once finished, and estimate the investment budget.

The cost of such a kitchen varies according to the quality of the materials and finishes, and you should count from $700 per linear meter (base and wall units) just for the furniture. Then there is the price of appliances, which can vary greatly depending on the brand and model. You will get a fully equipped rustic kitchen in a medium-sized room for $6,000, including appliances, but not including assembly and installation.