Design kitchens are the object of a sought-after aestheticism. Their compositions are studied and worked; they offer pure and surprising lines. They are meant to be functional despite the extensive research of effects.

 Choosing the elements of your design kitchen

The furniture: sober lines

A designer kitchen has homogeneous and smooth surfaces to create perfect harmony. The furniture has straight lines: glossy or matte lacquered, in wood or stainless steel. The handles are discreet, preferably metallic or non-existent (push-pull system).

 The choice of a single material gives the kitchen a minimalist style. Combining two materials will provide a more dynamic style: lacquer and wood or lacquer and stainless steel.

 The worktop: “trendy” materials

 The worktop is clear, wide, and preferably of neutral color. It can be made of glass, marble, wood fiberboard, Corian, etc.

 Only a few stainless steel utensils and a modern food processor are placed on the worktop to make the decoration harmonious.

 The credenza, a decorative asset

 The credenza protects the walls from dirt along the entire length of the worktop. Plain and smooth, the design style credenza is made of metal, glass, Corian, etc. Functional and easy to maintain, it contributes to the decoration of your designer kitchen.

 Note: it is possible to attach accessories to hang kitchen utensils on the credenzas. Limit their use so that the decoration is not overloaded.

 Colors: choose neutral tones

 Opt for a minimalist choice when it comes to colors. No patterns, only flat tones of color. We prefer neutral colors (gray, beige, white, etc.) highlighted with a color that stands out like a bright red or electric blue. A profusion of colors would take away from the design aspect of your kitchen.

 Design kitchen: walls and floors

Sophisticated and Timeless Kitchen Style

 The walls and the floor highlight your kitchen design.

 The floor, a great freedom

 Plain and modern, the floor enhances the furniture. You have great freedom to choose the material: large tiles, light parquet, waxed concrete…

 The walls, a showcase for your furniture

 The walls will work in tandem with the floor to make the furniture shine. Dare a black wall to sublimate wooden furniture or a green watercolor to underline a white lacquered one.

 Hide everything! or almost

 Design decoration is a pure style. Nothing protrudes from the furniture to give a feeling of grandeur and space. So forget open shelves or transparent fronts; here, the plates and other pots and pans are hidden!

 Note: if you still want visible shelves, they must be impeccable with the neatly arranged dishes.

 Utensils and appliances in the closet!

The majority of the utensils and household appliances are hidden so that the decoration remains harmonious. Only a few chosen ones are highlighted in the kitchen deco design as a chrome toaster or a stainless steel hood and glass suspended.

 Sophisticated lighting

 You can combine spotlights with suspended designs. The suspensions give rhythm to the space above a central island or a work surface, for example.

 The shape of the design kitchen

 Large or small, with an I, U, or L shape, with or without a central island, the designer kitchen adapts to all shapes! The main thing is to have an optimized and comfortable space.

 The price of a designer kitchen

 For a kitchen with two base units, two wall units, a cabinet for a built-in refrigerator, a cabinet for a built-in oven and microwave, and a worktop, the price starts at $3,000. 

Hope this post has given you an idea of what to expect from a design kitchen. Remember to share your thoughts in the comments below!