Ode to conviviality, today’s kitchens are equipped with a dining area. Seated at a bar or perched on a central island, everyone is gathered in the same place, allowing the family to enjoy the kitchen, daily or occasionally. A solution that is all the more attractive because the kitchen with dining area adapts to all surfaces!

Designing a kitchen with a dining area: a solution for every space

For a small kitchen: the bar or side table

The ideal solution for a small kitchen is a bar or an L-shaped work surface, with the dining area installed on the small part of the L. These integrated arrangements serve as a work surface and a table where you can have lunch comfortably seated on a high stool. And they allow you to intelligently separate a small open kitchen from an adjoining living room.

Another solution is the side table. Pay particular attention to the size, shape, and layout of the table. You need to be able to eat at it and move around it simultaneously (to do this, allow at least 70 cm of space around your table). Avoid round tables, which tend to take up more space than square or rectangular tables.

Decorating tip: for a cozy atmosphere, place a pretty hanging lamp above the table, highlighting the dining area, accompanied by beautiful design stools.

For a long kitchen: the snack bar

 The snack bar installed along the wall allows you to optimize space without wasting it. It can be retractable to be forgotten or fixed, with an “eat-on-top” style like in restaurants.

Good to know: if your kitchen is long and narrow with a window at the back, this is the ideal place for a dining area. Thanks to the natural light, you won’t need any extra lighting.

For a narrow kitchen: the built-in pull-out table

A retractable or sliding table is the perfect solution for a narrow kitchen. The drawer is integrated into a cabinet and becomes a side table to provide for two place settings.

For a large kitchenKitchen With a Dining Area

A large kitchen is undoubtedly easier to fit out than a kitchenette. Functional and aesthetic, a kitchen dining area or bar – is, without doubt, the best solution for these large spaces as illustrated in the picture above.

Installing a kitchen with a dining area

Decorating tips

Regardless of the solution you choose, a dining area can be easily integrated into any kitchen style. If yours is already equipped, keep the same finishing touches. For example, if you add a bar and your kitchen is white, choose a white lacquered bar that will blend in perfectly with the rest of the space.

The furniture

Preferably choose stools to save space, because once the meal is over, you can easily put them away under the bar or table. Moreover, it will facilitate circulation in the room. Choose simple plastic stools or metal stools with a discreet but sculptural design.

Another user-friendly solution: a bench, integrated or adjoining the kitchen wall, allows you to use all the space available along with it. And you can also put some storage.

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