Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation: Everything You Need to Know!


    – Renovating your kitchen

    – The kitchen renovation project

    – Starting from the existing to stay within a “reasonable” budget

    – Bathroom renovation: rethinking everything from scratch?

Changing your kitchen can be very simple and inexpensive!

The kitchen is a whole room of the house. We want it to be a space of conviviality, a functional area, or an expression of a style with reflective materials and colors according to our personality…, or these 3 aspects simultaneously!

Renovating your kitchen

Kitchen Renovation


You can obtain a new kitchen at a lower cost by only playing on the facades, but do not forget that choosing a neutral color for your furniture fronts will ensure a safer and more lasting harmony with the rest of the space (walls and floor). 

Changing only the handles can give a different style to the whole, and if you have wooden furniture, try to keep its natural appearance by varnishing or oiling; you will not regret it.

Your renovation project

Of course, you may want to rethink everything, knock down a partition to open the kitchen to the living room, plant an island in the middle, install a double sink, or move the appliances to accommodate the washing machine. This is a larger project, and you’ll need to proceed in stages. Think about your budget and establish it with precision and detail by breaking down each item (furniture, faucets, appliances). Define two or three major objectives to reach, a larger storage volume, a dining area that can accommodate more guests, and try to associate them with a theme that will guide you in choosing everything else (decoration and furniture). It could be, open space with design trends or a rustic kitchen with warm colors.

You can then decide which elements you will keep and which ones you will have to adapt or change. Try to anticipate the condition of your walls and the preparation you will have to do (filling holes, sanding…), and the products you will have to use for an optimal final result.

Now, let’s have a look at your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation (4)

When it comes to a renovation, adapt to the existing constraints to stay within a reasonable budget. Start from the existing to remain within a “reasonable” budget. Therefore, don’t break everything and observe the water inlets and outlets to avoid or limit plumbing work.

What you can do (from the least expensive to the most expensive):

    – New basin top + washbasin: a key element of the bathroom, just by changing its look, you improve the design of your bathroom at a reasonable price.

    – Wall and floor: a new tile or soft floor + a coat of paint on the walls, and you’re done.

    – Rejuvenate your furniture: change the doors and handles of your cabinets without changing the whole closet.

– Limit the plumbing works: If it is possible to move elements without extending the pipes and drilling the floors and walls, do not deprive yourself … but it is rare!

Bathroom renovation: rethinking everything from “scratch”?

Everything is possible in renovation: you can consider that your bathroom is new and forget the constraints… But be careful, the budget will be as high as the change: high.

If the room is too small for you, consider moving or even destroying a cumbersome partition… Draw the plan of your space on graph paper and make the changes based on these bathroom plans. Stay reasonable! If your bathroom is small and you don’t have the possibility of enlarging it, don’t insist on installing a large bathtub. A bathroom is above all about comfort. The latter is assured if you allow:

        ◦ 60 cm minimum in front of the bathtub or shower to enter or exit without problems;

        ◦ floor width of at least 90 cm to dry yourself comfortably;

        ◦ 20 cm minimum around the doors of your open furniture in order not to damage them.

I hope this article has given you enough ideas to rethink your kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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