Your home is your safe space and is the place you spend the most time in, and this is why you have to think a lot about it when it comes to windows. If you live in a city, like me, then you know the amount of noise has increased drastically in the past couple of years.

The number of people roaming in our cities might infringe on your personal space and disturb your alone time. So, without further ado, let’s learn some of the reasons why you should choose the perfect windows for your home.

1. Do a room-by-room assessment


As you can imagine, an opening does not have the same role depending on the room in which it is located. In the bathroom or the toilet, for example, you want privacy. In our bedroom, we want to be quiet. If possible, consider opting for a high opening or a skylight to create a skylight.

We prefer a sliding window to leave all the space for our utensils and appliances placed on the work surface in the kitchen. Finally, in the living room, we aspire to maximum brightness. We might as well opt directly for a sliding window if it’s possible! We should therefore consider a window with double glazing.

2. The material

When choosing your windows, you will have the choice between PVC, wood, aluminum, and PVC composite models. PVC windows are currently very popular. PVC is resistant and offers excellent sound and heat insulation. Another advantage is that it requires no special maintenance. Note that composite PVC windows are also available today.

For its part, wood allows you to create an authentic and warm atmosphere. It has good thermal and acoustic insulation qualities. On the other hand, it needs to be maintained with wood stain every two years or so and with paint every 10 years on average (the frequency of application of these two products depends on the weather conditions in your region).

As far as aluminum is concerned, it is a non-rusting material. And since it does not rust, no specific maintenance is required. Moreover, it offers very good thermal and acoustic insulation. Note, however, that the cost of an aluminum window is higher than a PVC model.

3. The style


You are renovating a traditional house, and you wish to remain in this line? Wood is the most popular material for this type of house. Another good idea is to combine wood and aluminum. Very resistant, wood/aluminum windows also offer good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Do you want to bring a modern touch to your traditional house? In this case, don’t hesitate to turn to PVC windows, especially since some high-quality PVC windows also give a beautiful wood look while providing the advantages of PVC.

Are you renovating a contemporary house? Aluminum windows are the most popular choice for this type of home. Of course, wood windows can also find their place in such a home. These models are ideal for giving it a vintage touch. But what about the shape and color?

4. Think mixed woodwork

Do you recognize the performance of PVC but are a fan of wood? Today, carpenters are constantly improving their offer. It is thus possible to find on the market joineries called “mixed”, that is in PVC, but covered with a film called “plaxage”, imitating the grooves of wood! In this case, a tinted acrylic film is hot glued on a PVC profile.

Its appearance can be perfectly reminiscent of wood. On the outside, another colored film can be placed on the surface. A daring way to keep the blue exterior of your house while enjoying the warmth of wood inside. If your guests are not specialists, they will undoubtedly be mistaken!

5. The shape


Today, windows come in many shapes: round, square, rectangular. Square and rectangular windows are the most classic. They are ideal for bringing light into any room of the house. The living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen can be installed anywhere! For round windows, they allow you to bring originality to your decoration. If they are suitable for small rooms, they can nevertheless be installed in a larger space if other windows are provided.

Looking for help?

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