A real alternative to the shower enclosure, the shower enclosure allows you to adapt and integrate the open shower in the heart of the bathroom. An integral part of a modern bathroom, with various configurations, in acrylic or safety glass, all our advice is to choose the best shower screen. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about choosing shower screens.

1. What is a shower enclosure


Shower enclosures have many advantages over shower curtains: they allow light to pass through, they are completely waterproof, solid, and easy to clean. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the enclosure allows easy access to the shower for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Unless you’re still a fan of your striped shower curtain, it’s a good choice if you’ve decided to enclose your shower with a shower enclosure.

The space allocated to your shower will allow you to quickly refine your choice to the whole of it. It will give comfort and modernity to your bathroom. We will see together the different characteristics that, beyond the aesthetic, have their importance from a practical point of view.

2. shower enclosure materials

The glass security

The shower enclosures are made of safety glass, which is particularly resistant to shocks and heat. Its thickness should be between 3 and 8 mm. The thicker it is, the stronger it will be, but the heavier it will be to handle and install. Glass is the most commonly used material for shower enclosures, whether frosted, granite, screen printed, or transparent. The addition of patterns is recommended to keep some privacy and improve opacity. A glass wall with an anti-scale treatment is also essential. You will have less maintenance to do on a wall that limits scale deposits.

PVC or acrylic

The PVC or acrylic shower screen is less expensive than glass. Even if it is suitable for small budgets, it is becoming increasingly rare because it is less aesthetic and durable than glass in the long term.

3. The dimensions of shower enclosures


Shower enclosures are generally between 180 and 200 cm high and 70 to 140 cm wide. These are standard dimensions and are generally reversible. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, there is the “made-to-measure” option, but it will take some time, depending on the manufacturer. It is not advisable to close the wall up to the ceiling since this would prevent the steam from escaping by creating a lot of humidity in the room.

4. The profiles of the shower enclosure

The shower enclosures are held in place by profiles and/or extendable stabilizing bars, which, depending on the degree of finish and quality of the assembly, are available in two main materials.

  • PVC is the entry-level material, light in weight, and available in various colors and metal shades
  • Aluminum is of better quality and generally offers a chrome finish but can also offer a frosted or matte finish.

The profiles are usually made with a rubber gasket to ensure a better seal at the wall attachment. Shower enclosure fasteners are included but are also sold separately.

5. Maintenance of a shower enclosure


For maintenance, we recommend using a damp cloth soaked in non-abrasive detergents. You will get the best results by using regular glass cleaners available in household products. The combination of alkaline substances and humidity has an aggressive action on glass. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that cleaning should never be done with detergents with high acidity.

To keep your shower always spotless, without necessarily spending too much time cleaning it, take a squeegee and wipe it down after each shower! If, however, the water supply is hard (limescale) and you need to descale the shower enclosure, anti-limescale products, and old-fashioned recipes are available.

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