This question is a real problem for those who plan to decorate their home. Indeed, it is not uncommon to have to repaint an entire room in order to make it match the desired decoration. This can take a lot of work, but it is what will make you’re decorating a success. All you need is to know how to choose the right colors for your decor.

Choose your decorating style before painting


Doing things in the right order will ensure a good result in the decoration of your home. You must start with the essentials in this process to avoid leaving anything to chance. That’s why we advise you to first decide on the style. This will allow you not only to know the panel of colors that suits him, but also to know what kind of furniture you need.

Which color for which style?

The classic style

If you prefer a classic style that can combine elegance and romance, then the decoration you need is sober decoration. That is to say, everything that is aristocratic while remaining charming. Bright colors are to be banished for this kind of style. Stay instead in the register of pale colors.

So, for the wall paint, opt for the satin beige and bright or the extremely pale and subtle purple. These colors will reflect the light well and bring softness to your decoration. You can also choose unbleached linen, peach nude, flannel or poplin gray, pure cashmere, or beige suede.

Scandinavian style

This style is recognized for its clean, organic shape and pastel colors. The color that suits it best is white for a natural brightening and soothing character. Although not all furniture is made entirely of wood, this material plays an important role in this very Nordic style.

But you can also play on the pastel trend to shade the tone a little. You can then opt for the orange pink for its softness and delicacy. Otherwise, if you prefer duller colors, you can use deep blue. This color will highlight the wooden furniture and its light colors.

The industrial style

The spirit of this style wants to keep the atmosphere of an old printing shop transformed into a loft. That’s why it is mostly made of raw and cold materials, like steel and iron. The walls are still made of brick, but this still leaves the possibility of changing the colors. You can then have fun painting only certain parts of your walls and opt for dark colors like metallic cast iron. It goes perfectly with brightly colored furniture.

Shade it with Turkish red to remind you of the red color of the bricks while bringing a little change. It will enhance the industrial decor of your choice. But if you prefer to stay in the classic genre, then you can opt for the light gray, with which you can paint the whole room without worrying about the agreement of the furniture and decor, because it already represents in itself an emblematic material of the industrial style that is concrete.

The arty style


This kind of style is made for bold people because most of the furniture and decorations in this register are of an extravagant design. This is not to everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, it offers great freedom to its owner and even gives him the role of director for the layout of the various parts of the decoration. As for the colors, bright and primary colors are the order of the day.

You can then go in a bright red or a bright yellow that will serve to highlight pieces or furniture like bookcases in front of them. This means that a wall panel can have multiple colors, and the view changes with each orientation in the room. The intervention of a painting company will certainly help you in achieving this style.

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